Still working on the website

The website is progressing a little slower than we had hoped but we are getting there, well John is doing the major share of the work but I do adjust the pages, write the text and make the odd suggestion or two or three or sometimes four to him now and again. A few weeks back we did pay someone to look at the website and give us there opinion of how easy it was to use and possible changes they could recommend for changes. We got back a six page usability report and a 30 minute video with suggestions and problems encountered when first accessing the site. I think this was money well spent and even John my web designer who smiled and laughed when I originally told him what I had planned commented after that it certainly was worth doing. So much so that once we have finished the three top home page sliders and two additional pages which will have the monthly prize draw details, Care & Share days and buying with confidence via the website we will be asking Janette who did the usability study to do this again for us and make other suggestions or comments about what we have added and how to make the site even more user friendly.

There is now a plug in for shipping costs for Northern Ireland added and we may be adding another to ship to Europe as well, just looking into the pro’s and con’s etc. We also plan to add a general review section so it is easier for anyone to make a comment or two about the service or products we supply.  If you do have any suggestions about the site good or bad then please get in touch as we are always happen to listen and maybe it is something we had not realised, thanks.

I will be up in Leicester Square tomorrow for the premiere of the new Thomas the tank engine film, so you guessed it today I have been making one or  two variations on Thomas to make tomorrow. I have also made a larger Thomas to take for someone to win at the end of the day. Pictures will be on Balloon chat later on today.

Off to look for another random balloon picture to add to the blog,
I found the feet that we made for the Esquire photo shoot that I did
for their Golden Issue which was way back in October 2009

Feet Esquire 3