Round Shaped Balloons UK

The 5″ and 11″ Qualatex round shaped balloons are the most popular size for the balloon decorator, twister and deco twister to use when twisting. They come in a variety of plain colours, metallic and also printed designs and in the new quick link balloon with the 6″ and 12″ balloon available.

Our Best Selling Round Shaped Balloons UK

Latest Customer Reviews

  • “These balloons are excellent, especially when stuffed inside 5" diamond clear balloons. They always get a wow from the audience. Excellent value too.”

    -- Twisty Paul

  • “Good quality with a decent selection of colours just what to expect from qualatex balloons.”

    -- oligunner

  • “Looks like it is all working. Looking good”

    -- Stuart Bayne

  • “Thank you to Graham and Lyn placed my order yesterday and received today fantastic communication and service :) my new favorite place to shop”

    -- kevin rascal

  • “Excellent selection and a great price for 350's. As previous reviewer has said it can be hit and miss as to how many of each colour you get but i find that generally it is a fairly even spread.”

    -- Twisty Paul