Round Shaped Balloons UK

The 5″ and 11″ Qualatex round shaped balloons are the most popular size for the balloon decorator, twister and deco twister to use when twisting. They come in a variety of plain colours, metallic and also printed designs and in the new quick link balloon with the 6″ and 12″ balloon available.

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Latest Customer Reviews

  • “The only place I'll buy my balloon's and kit from now.... super speedy delivery, amazing customer service....just a 5 star service all round..... has saved my bacon with the speed and efficency of the service many times now. Keep up the fab work guys....I'll be back with another order soon no doubt :)”

    -- Linda

  • “These are an essential item for us. Lovely colours and easy to work with. Good Value for money, you get a reliable speedy service and if you ever need to ask them questions then they are super knowledgeable and helpful. We had the pleasure of attending one of Grahams workshops too. Top service all round from Balloon Art Wholesale.”

    -- Abi

  • “Yet another great quality useful product from qualatex balloons. These are great for quick work and releives the need for raisins.”

    -- oligunner

  • “It was so much fun working with you! As you say long days but they seemed to fly by! Loved the cheesy jokes!! ?”

    -- Kerry

  • “I've managed to avoid Geos until now, believing that they were just an unusual shape which I wouldn't much use. How wrong could I be?!
    In this DVD, Graham demonstrates the versatility of the Geo Blossom with highly commercial and do-able models. As with the other DVDs in this series his instruction is second to none, with every step thoroughly explained and carefully demonstrated, and he suggests many possible variations along the way.
    I can't recommend this DVD too highly - it is brilliant. I've got most of his others, and this is the one I've enjoyed the most. Get it while you can!”

    -- Tim