Round Shaped Balloons UK

The 5″ and 11″ Qualatex round shaped balloons are the most popular size for the balloon decorator, twister and deco twister to use when twisting. They come in a variety of plain colours, metallic and also printed designs and in the new quick link balloon with the 6″ and 12″ balloon available.

Our Best Selling Round Shaped Balloons UK

Latest Customer Reviews

  • “Always excellent service, with detailed friendly advice thrown in for free! I switched to a couple of years ago after discovering the amazing forum and then realising the prices and service beats anywhere else and I have never looked back!”

    -- Kerry

  • “High quality balloons in a great range of colours. Ideal for many models but I buy them specially for making six petal flower heads and they work fine, with very few pops.”

    -- Dave Kent

  • “Excellent service from the Lovely Balloon Company. I realised after ordering that I would be away from home and so the delivery date was changed to when I'd be back to receive the delivery. Good prices, splendid service. Even a personal phonecall to check what colour balloons I'd like!
    I highly recommend this product.
    Danny Schlesinger, July 2014”

    -- danny the idiot

  • “Great for a quick line work Spiderman!!”

    -- Kim O'Sullivan

  • “I've managed to avoid Geos until now, believing that they were just an unusual shape which I wouldn't much use. How wrong could I be?!
    In this DVD, Graham demonstrates the versatility of the Geo Blossom with highly commercial and do-able models. As with the other DVDs in this series his instruction is second to none, with every step thoroughly explained and carefully demonstrated, and he suggests many possible variations along the way.
    I can't recommend this DVD too highly - it is brilliant. I've got most of his others, and this is the one I've enjoyed the most. Get it while you can!”

    -- Tim