Heart Shaped Balloons UK

The 6″ Qualatex heart shaped balloons are the favourite size to twist into a balloon sculpture for the twisting balloon modeller to use. There is also a selection in the 15″ hearts available on the Qualatex balloons website.

Our Best Selling Heart Shaped Balloons UK

Latest Customer Reviews

  • “My old MacPump dropped on the floor and the base cracked an fell off. Not great during the busy Christmas season. So I rang the Lovely balloon company and within 2 days had a new pump arrive, ready to use. What a fantastic service as always from Graham & Lyn. Yes this is a great pump, I find it sturdier, yet still light. It always gets a reaction from the parents too as its a pro piece of kit and instantly produces smiles & interest when a 260 is fully inflated in one puff!”

    -- danny the idiot

  • “These are such pretty colours and work well for girls - they love them. Always delivered nice and promptly too :-D”

    -- joojong

  • “A necessity in the balloon bag! I use these tons! Great service as ever!”

    -- Kerry Jay

  • “Always excellent service. Prompt delivery, great quality, great value.
    They are also so helpful and friendly with any query I have.
    I would highly recommend.”

    -- Kerry

  • “Hi Graham, going to have to learn ! How do you attach the eyes on the Geo, (Glue!)”

    -- Neil Fairbrother