Heart Shaped Balloons UK

The 6″ Qualatex heart shaped balloons are the favourite size to twist into a balloon sculpture for the twisting balloon modeller to use. There is also a selection in the 15″ hearts available on the Qualatex balloons website.

Our Best Selling Heart Shaped Balloons UK

Latest Customer Reviews

  • “Excellent service and friendly and helpful staff. Next day delivery... very impressed, I will definatley use this company again.”

    -- mike

  • “Watched as soon as received and got some really useful ideas and it's a really simple concept if think about it. Yes if doing a lot of stuffing and intricate stuffing then yes a proper machine may be better but for me this is perfect.”

    -- Oliver

  • “I am so happy to have found balloonartwholesale.co.uk! I am very new to the balloon circle and have placed my first and second orders. Service is second to none and I feel I'm growing more confident in my models! Thank you!”

    -- Emma

  • “I use these mainly for topping out 'Princess Wands' which are really popular. They are perfect for that - a high quality product with hardly any pops. Highly recommended.”

    -- Dave Kent

  • “One of my favorite colour balloons, amazing for an array of different sculptures!! Really tough and easy to work with.

    Kenny The Clown”

    -- Kenny The Clown (Ireland)