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The 6″ Qualatex heart shaped balloons are the favourite size to twist into a balloon sculpture for the twisting balloon modeller to use. There is also a selection in the 15″ hearts available on the Qualatex balloons website.

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Latest Customer Reviews

  • “I bought this pump at one of Graham's Care and Share day events in July. I've found it so easy to use and get perfect results every time.”

    -- Orla

  • “Hi Graham
    I have just read your blog of the 8th with great interest and admiration for the professional and firm way that you handled the situation. Now l am a part time magician and do a balloon twisting, in comparison to you on a very small scale, mainly doing single balloon creations, 3 weeks ago l found myself in a similar situation with a school, l was booked to cover the school fete by one of the teachers (my pals daughter in law) the difference being that l had agreed to pay £20.00 for the pitch and sell the simple balloons at £1.00 each (dog or a sword) anything else could be up to £5.00 but no more, l did this event last year and made very good money for 3 hours ( the only stall to have a queue all afternoon). However this year on my arrival at event l was told the pitch fee would be £25.00 (ouch!) as l did so well last year, l carried on setting up my gazebo to find two stalls away 2 young ladies were setting up and were selling helium balloons of all the cartoon characters that you can think of, when l approached them l was told they were teachers and the helium balloons had been donated so they could sell that £3.00 each. Now l did speak to the girl that booked me (teacher) and explained that l would have a bit of a job to sell my balloons, make any profit or even pay for the extortionate increased fee but you will make a little bit was the answer. I apologised and said that it is just not going to work, one or other will do well on their own or will do ok but the 2 stalls selling balloons will not. so l packed up and came home.
    Now l learnt a lesson and a half on that morning, Don't agree to pay a pitch fee and sell the balloons at such a low price. don't do favours for friends they always back fire. Dealing with teachers, they don't live in a real world, as in your case they do not understand what being professional or dealing with professionals, the fact that you do this for a living and could have a wasted day doesn't matter . now l will not do any event where l have to pay to attend and no favours, I will only work for a set fee and not care how many balloons that l do. The annoying thing is that l am 60 plus years of age, a retired pro photographer that has work with schools for many years, l should have known better!!

    -- Geoff Partner

  • “Great range and selection of product, and fast delivery.”

    -- Andrew

  • “Love these- brilliant feedback on them from clients since I started using them!!”

    -- Kim O'Sullivan

  • “Fantastic service. I live in Finland and ordered for the first my balloons on Thursday from this website. The delivery cost £11.99, that evening I had email from Graham to say he had refunded me £4 as when he had posted them it cost less than he had thought, I was absolutely shocked how honest and kind of him that was as most company's would have just pocketed the remaining money. Then already incredibly happy with the service i was amazed the balloons arrived Monday morning it was so quick.”

    -- Michelle Patmore