Heart Shaped Balloons UK

The 6″ Qualatex heart shaped balloons are the favourite size to twist into a balloon sculpture for the twisting balloon modeller to use. There is also a selection in the 15″ hearts available on the Qualatex balloons website.

Our Best Selling Heart Shaped Balloons UK

Latest Customer Reviews

  • “Just received my balloon order, it is Christmas and the busiest time of the year and STILL my order came the very next day, It is a super fast service every time so thank you so much Graham. Rob”

    -- magirob

  • “These are my favourite balloon cutters. They fit on your belt, waistband or in my case the strap of my bum bag and stay put. They make breaking off balloons super simple. I used mine for about 6 months before it started to get blunt. Recommended”

    -- Suzi Banister

  • “Yet another great quality useful product from qualatex balloons. These are great for quick work and releives the need for raisins.”

    -- oligunner

  • “This is a great rich colour, perfect for flower stalks x”

    -- zoelocke24

  • “I buy qualatex balloons, because they were the first balloons that I knew about. The quality is awesome, and consistent. Customer service from this website is second to none. Every shipment is pretty much sent out straight away.
    Thanks again, and I will be back for more!”

    -- Ben