Heart Shaped Balloons UK

The 6″ Qualatex heart shaped balloons are the favourite size to twist into a balloon sculpture for the twisting balloon modeller to use. There is also a selection in the 15″ hearts available on the Qualatex balloons website.

Our Best Selling Heart Shaped Balloons UK

Latest Customer Reviews

  • “I have been using these since Graham started selling them, i find these easier to work with than its rival balloons!! These are a really tough balloon, yet great to work with. I would recommend giving this balloon in particular a real good stretch before blowing it up, by mouth or pump etc.”

    -- Kenny The Clown (Ireland)

  • “I bought this pump at one of Graham's Care and Share day events in July. I've found it so easy to use and get perfect results every time.”

    -- Orla

  • “I had this bag, but didn't use it for long. It did hold lots of balloons in the main compartment and the shoulder strap made it very easy to carry. My problem was that the pockets around the side were too big, I would rather have had more smaller pockets.”

    -- Suzi Banister

  • “To my mind, this is THE place to buy Qualatex balloons from - a great selection, prompt delivery and Graham is a top guy to deal with!”

    -- Mike

  • “Love not needing to buy whole bags of several colours, particularly in this size. Pot luck on the number of each colour”

    -- Stuart Bayne