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11 Apr

11th April

I think I missed writing my blog last week, oops. It was the anniversary for Balloon Chat the other week as well, it was on the 1st April 2008 that we started the forum so it’s just become a teenager. It as also the anniversary of starting up The Balloon Artistes guild on the same

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28 Mar

28th March

I went around to see Zakh this week so he could edit the balloon tutorials for BalloonTube, the next edition is next Sunday and we are deciding which one to post first. All the decisions to make, he he. BalloonTube. We made a heart design this week for the Balloon Chat challenge and struggled to

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21 Mar

21st March

So after making the sports car last week, all the pictures are now up for this, Sports Car. I then went and re-vamped my Formula One racing car that I made back in 2012, some nine years ago now. I posted a couple of pictures from the updated version, Racing Car. There is the step

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14 Mar

14th March

I finished all the numbers this week, we did make a variation of all the numbers with a few different styles. Now to work out the best way to market them and if we are going to carry on with the zoom workshops or film a tutorial and have it posted on a media platform

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07 Mar

7th March

Hi all, its me and its also Sunday and BalloonTube Sunday. The tutorial today is for the Crocodile that I originally made back in August 2019. So a little while back now, BalloonTube Crocodile. There are also some variations on the design over on balloon Chat if you’d like to take a look, Crocodile 2019

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28 Feb

28th February

Another week of making weaved numbers and then we had our very first Zoom-A-Balloon workshop with Rob Driscoll. All seemed to go OK with no major technical problems that I was a little worried about. We had the occasional problem where someone left the mic on after asking a question and a couple of people

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21 Feb

21st February

So this week mainly I have been making weaved numbers, I decided it was time that I ran a workshop on them so have been making the numbers 1 to 9 and then also 0 zero. I have made 2, 3 and sometimes 4 variations on the same number . Today I have made 3

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14 Feb

14th February

So this week we have come up with the idea of having some star lectures on Zoom and have called them Zoom-A-Balloon. Made me smile and chuckle. The first one is all booked in with Rob Driscoll for 25th February at 8.00pm UK Time. Rob was booked as one of the  star lecturers we had

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07 Feb

7th February

This week I sorted out a new backdrop for my Zoom balloon workshops. The bookcase and everything else behind me I thought made it difficult to see the designs and twists sometimes and wanted a cleaner look. I had an old microphone stand so put some wood on top to make it into a T

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31 Jan

31st January

Hi all, its me back for another blog. So we have done a few more Zoom workshops, still on the string of bubbles but also a balloon workshop for the Blackpool magic club. I thought I might have been a little nervous but no I really enjoyed it and had a few joining in. Was

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