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24 Jan

24th January

Hello all……………to those that read my blog. So what have I been up to this week? I finished the Poodle challenge design but not sure if that was the week before? I was meant to go to the hospital to have a tooth taken out on Wednesday but cancelled that due to all the problems

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17 Jan

17th January

So this week I had the idea of doing a Zoom workshop so I could actually see people and they can twist along with me. I thought we would just try the 40 minute free one to start and if it goes OK then I would purchase the Zoom Pro so the workshops can be

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10 Jan

10th January

A Happy New Year to everyone, did I miss last week? I thought I did post, perhaps not. So we have been making Spitfires, Bulldog’s, Boxer Dog and Roses in the past 10 days, the Bulldog face was tricky to get looking right and when I tried to re-create the design I liked it looked

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27 Dec

27th December

Hope everyone had a very enjoyable couple of days and a few laughs along the way xx Just a short blog this week, we are shipping out between now and New Year if anyone does require any balloon product, Balloon Art Wholesale. That’s it really, just made a couple of fighter jets for someone’s birthday,

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20 Dec

20th December

Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, in these very difficult and unusual times. Its difficult for many but find a friend to talk with, to Facebook live, to Skype, to Watts App, to zoom. Try to get together even if you pop around to see friends and family and sit

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13 Dec

13th December

This week I had two days of pre building for a photo shoot. It was odd finally working as the last time was at the end of February for me. I did 10 hours for one day and 8 on the next. Yes I did ache a little. It was  big build for David Crofts

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06 Dec

6th December

Here we go then with another blog, Danielle and I have done another balloon challenge this week over on the forum, its the 10th one for the year and is a Japanese Girl. This weeks challenge is on Page 3. Balloon Chat Challenge. I did my last Facebook Live this week, with the Reindeer and Cat

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29 Nov

29th November

Hello everyone XXxx So this week we did our Facebook live number three with the Sausage Dog design and also the wobbly flower. I’m rather enjoying doing them although this coming week is the last one planned as we come out of lockdown number two. I expect we will try and carry them on but

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22 Nov

22nd November

Here we are again then with another Blog post. So this week we did another Facebook Live with a line work Santa, I call it line work but someone did complain on Facebook saying it was not. Its 3 balloons if you draw the belt and buckle on and I think its quick enough but

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15 Nov

15th November

Well this week was exciting, we painted the porch and front door and then did our very first Facebook live. Painting the porch was OK but I had trouble with the door as the paint would not dry, it took two days and that was only after I put a small heater in the porch

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