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29 Mar

29th March

Hello to everyone……….yes even you Hope everyone is coping in this strange world we are part of at the moment? I like many have been trying to keep busy with cleaning the car and doing a little DIY around the place, well only sanded the decking down and re-stained it at the moment but have

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22 Mar

22nd March

Hi All, hope everyone is keeping fit and healthy in these very strange times that we are living through at the moment. I’m like everyone else with all entertaining work being cancelled or postponed and balloon sales dropping off to nearly nothing. Fingers crossed that they announce a rescue plan for the self employed over

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15 Mar

15th March

There was no blog last week as I was away attending the Blackpool Balloon Convention, it was slightly different to previous years as the venue was changed and I think they sold double the tickets. It did and didn’t have a different feel and vibe to the event. The main jam room always looked empty

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01 Mar

1st March

Today is BalloonTube Sunday and the tutorial is the Wobbly Flower Bracelet, I first started to make this one at least 12 years ago or even longer. Hope its of use to quite a few, designs with movement are always fun to make. Wobbly Flower. Its also the model of the month over on Balloon

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23 Feb

23rd February

I’m back from the Blackpool Magic Convention, had a lovely time away with David Crofts. It is very tiring building the stand and balloon designs and rushing about before the shows in the evening as there is very little time between all the events and being on the stand. Its nice catching up with everyone

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09 Feb

9th February

We have been chatting to Tegan Baylis from Australia and Stephanie Morace from the USA as the next two star lecturers we are getting over for the Balloon Artistes Guild. If you would like to join the little club that we run then please get in touch and I will let you have a all

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02 Feb

2nd February

Today is BalloonTube Sunday and it’s tutorial number 71, all are free to view. This month it’s Peppa Pig. BalloonTube. It’s also model of the month on Balloon Chat and we have gone with a Pterodactyl, try spelling that, ha ha. I’m not sure what number we are up to on model of the month

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26 Jan

26th January

oops, just realised I did not blog last week. Oh well moving on. Had a good Care & Share day in Sutton this week with 27 people booked in and 26 turning up. It was a little cosy as I could only get the smaller room but we just about managed all right. I was

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12 Jan

12th January

This week I had to make a Jammie Dodger biscuit, if you do not live in the UK I’m guessing you may need to google but its nearly a British institution. I have posted pictures as we built it if anyone would like to have a look, It was over 30 inches wide. Jammie Dodger.

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05 Jan

5th January

Hello to all who read my blog, no idea how many if any to be honest……………. 😉 So a Happy New Year to everyone XXxx This week we have the Balloon Chat Challenge back, we have started a new thread for 2020. So to view all of the 2019 challenges, 2019 Challenge. We started of

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