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27 Sep

27th September

Hello to everyone who reads my blog…………….both of you So this week I have been making up the selection boxes for the Model of the Month designs we are putting together. I have five designs, Swan, Sword, Hippo, Snake and Teddy. At the moment we are calling the idea, “Twisting Fun 4 Everyone” Hoping if

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20 Sep

20th September

So this week I was challenged to make a Digger but only with four balloons. I’m not known for making quick line work designs but did have a go and actually made a four balloon Digger but only with the front scoop and not a rear bucket. I made the rear bucket as well with

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13 Sep

13th Sept

Here we are with another Blog, did I mention I went up to London the other week to feed the Parrot’s with Kat and Ian? A nice day feeding the Parrot’s for a while and then getting some lunch and a walk around the park, very enjoyable. There are a couple of pictures on my

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06 Sep

6th September

We have a few products that are being dis-continued, we do have a few bags left so if it’s a product you do use then perhaps purchase an extra bag till stocks last as once we sell out we are unable to get the product back into stock.¬†There are a few 321 colours being stopped,

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30 Aug

30th August

It’s model of the month time, it was between a Panda, Princess and a Car. I decided on the Car as there are quite a few Princess and Panda tutorials already about and not so much for the Car. I was pleased with the look and how it was constructed. Plus I got it down

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23 Aug

23rd August

So this week I took Phoebe my grand daughter down to the coast for some fun at the amusements and then a fish and chip lunch on the pier. We had a great laugh even though it was chucking it down with rain and strong winds. We nearly got blown away coming around the corner

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16 Aug

16th August

This week I took Harry to play Top Golf, he kept saying he was going to thrash me, I had no idea what the game was till we actually arrived. Let’s say he was a little quieter after we played, we both had a good laugh and enjoyed it though. I will definitely go again

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09 Aug

9th August

I have just realised we have lost some blog posts, this was because we had to take the website back a few weeks to the old update as a few things behind the scenes were not working correctly. I will see if we can get them back. It will be a shame if we can’t

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03 Aug

2nd August

I forgot to write the blog yesterday, oops. It was not because I was overly busy, the last party/balloons that I did was back in February, so 5 months back now and I cant really see things picking up till the New Year now. Thinking positive though we have just done the Model of the

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26 Jul

26th July

Here we are with another week’s blog, now what has been happening this week? Not to much to be honest, like many of the other weeks. I did thoroughly clean my study come office come twisting room. Its surprising how dusty and so many bits of balloons end up all over the place. So sorted

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