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15 Sep

15th Sept

Hi all, had a busy week this week ballooning and last week at the magic convention. All pictures are posted from the magic convention, I only took a few, Magic Pictures. I enjoyed the convention but numbers every year seem to get smaller and also the people attending older, I suppose its the way of

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08 Sep

8th Sept

Just back from four days at the International Brotherhood of Magicians convention in Eastbourne, the gala show was very good and I enjoyed some of the one man shows that I saw. A little tired so will have a longer blog next week, will put the pictures up from the event onto balloon chat later

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01 Sep

1st Sept

Short and sweet blog this week as I have been away working for three days balloon modelling, so a little tired. I never sleep great when away but had a lovely time twisting away and working with over 25 other entertainers. That does not happen too often. there were 8 face painters and 2 balloon

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25 Aug

25th Aug

This week I worked a gig for Abigail’s Charity, its for people with stillborn and early infant death. It was just 2 hours ballooning but was fun. Abigail’s Charity. I then did a group bonding day for David Crofts as David was away on holiday, it was for a playgroup for all the people working

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18 Aug

18th August

I went up to the London Jam on Tuesday, I think there was 7 of us there. I have posted pictures onto Balloon Chat. London Jam. Then I was working designs out for filming for Balloon Tube, I recorded six more designs yesterday, Peppa Pig, Wobbly Flower wristable, Pug, Buzz wristable, Mermaid and a Nerf

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11 Aug

11th August

So last week I was at the Country File live show at Blenheim Palace working for Kerry on the O2 stand. It was long days and I was a little concerned about doing four days on the trot with them being 9 hour days. The hardest was the morning of day two, but I loved

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04 Aug

4th August

I have been away working at Blenheim Palace for four days, 9 hours per day balloon modelling, you guessed it I’m slightly tired. Just back and up loaded a Balloon Tube tutorial as its Balloon Tube Sunday, Its the Pirate Hat, Pirate Hat. I will tell you next week about my four days away, a

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28 Jul

28th July

I have been checking what designs we have filmed and ready to post for BalloonTube, the reason being I filmed quite a few back in December and am not to sure how many are still to go. I made a mistake filming in December as the tutorials are a little on the dark side. I’m

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21 Jul

21st July

I had a balloon gig up in London last night, at a guess over 80% adult and it turned out to be a nice mixture of ages and a fun night. I was working with Matthew Garrett who was excellent going around the tables and frying people with his magic. It was a street party

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14 Jul

14th July

A short blog today as its late and I have been working in London and got home to watch the last few overs of the Cricket World Cup. What a game. The latest designs I have been making are on Balloon Chat, Balloonchat. Off to find a random balloon picture of the week. I went

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