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20 Jan

20th Jan

Hi, did you notice there was no blog last week? I was away in America attending the Florida Super jam. Had a lovely time and if you are unsure about going I would say attend, met some lovely people and Sheree and Herschel put on a very good event. David and I enjoyed it, I

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06 Jan

6th Jan

We are off tomorrow with David Crofts to the Florida Super jam. Very much looking forward to attending and catching up with everyone. The very first Care & share balloon day for 2019 will be in Sutton Surrey on Monday 21st Jan. It will be a build a bike day plus some jamming and a

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31 Dec

30th Dec

Ooops, I forgot to do my blog yesterday, still the days do muddle up around this time of year. We have a balloon care & share day coming up in Sutton on the 21st Jan. It will be a jam day with a couple of competitions and I will be building a motorbike. You are

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23 Dec

23rd Dec

Wishing everyone, and I do mean everyone, a very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.

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16 Dec

16th Dec

All the pictures are now up on Balloon Chat from the Comedic workshop and the Q-jam that were held late Nov in Birmingham. Pictures. We are still up do date on the Balloon Tube Challenge, we are posting a design a day for 56 days, Today the tutorial is for the Princess Crown and is

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09 Dec

9th Dec

Its coming up to Christmas and we are into the Christmas shows, well its just my usual show with the balloon models being Christmassy, Santa Hat, Elf Hat, Reindeer Hat and a wearable Angel Costume. Been busy with balloon orders as well plus sending out the Balloon Artistes Guild club DVD. I’m keeping up with

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02 Dec

2nd Dec

Had a fantastic time in Birmingham with many of the balloon artistes guild members on a comedic workshop. What fun with plenty of laughs along the way. Thanks to Joe, the silent clown for running the event for everyone. Many favourable comments and positive vibes from the day. I have started to post the pictures

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25 Nov

25th Nov

A short and sweet blog for this week. I’m still adding pictures to my portfolio on balloon chat. We are up to Jan 2016 at the moment so many months behind. We are onto day twenty five of the BalloonTube challenge which is the Dolphin design, nearly half way through. All posts are on my

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18 Nov

18th Nov

The BalloonTube post a day is still going strong, today was tutorial number 18 the one balloon machine gun. There are 4/5 people joining along so if you wanted to challenge yourself then please post onto my facebook page. Graham Lee Facebook. I had a gig at the weekend which was nice as things seem

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11 Nov

11th Nov

So what have I been up to this week, not too much really. A little quiet on the magic shows and balloon gigs. I fitted a new worktop in my study so it was easier to pack the balloon orders, so that took a little while. Making sure everything is ready for the next care

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