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15 Jul

15th July

Following on from last weeks blog about the school booking, the headmistress called me this week and there was I assuming she would book for possibly the Christmas fair in Decmeber…………..nope I have been booked for two shows this Friday so that was very very nice and I was rather pleased with the outcome. Its

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08 Jul

8th July

Well this week I was booked for a music festival on Saturday and something happened that I have not experienced in my over 30 odd years in entertaining. I was booked via text message which is not my favourite thing but some people like to book this way. Many messages back and forth deciding type

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01 Jul

1st July

So this week? I have just got back from the premier of Incredibles 2 and next week doing the premier again. So how does that work then, two premier’s? I have no idea but I get booked twice so not going to ask, he he. We have a basic balloon modelling day coming up on

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24 Jun

24th June

It was the London Jam this week which I did miss as we had to send out the balloon artistes guild DVD’s to club members. There is always something to do, we have gone a little up market as all the names and address’s are now on the computer to just cut and paste so

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17 Jun

June 17th

Here we are then at another week, now what to talk about? We had the Paul Brown and Patrick van de Ven workshops this week that both seemed to go down well with everyone. We were meant to be having Christopher Lyle over from the USA but he pulled out after being booked for about

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10 Jun

10th June

Just a quick blog today as we are getting ready for travelling up to Birmingham this afternoon for two balloon workshops on the Monday with Paul Brown on costumes and wearables and then on Tuesday with Patrick van de Ven who is travelling over from Holland. There are still spaces available if you would like

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03 Jun

3rd June

Its been a quiet week this week in the balloon world, I did make a gumball machine and struggled getting a nice picture. It was tricky due to the height of the design and having to close the curtains to get a nice back drop where I usually take the pictures. I have posted them

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27 May

27th May

Well the Paddington picture I posted last week certainly go the likes on facebook, the last time I looked it was nearly up to 400 so way more than what I usually get. I have just posted a saucy gnome on the toilet, I wonder how that one will go………..only time will tell. The Trix

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20 May

20th May

What a special week this was, now trying to work out the new details about people signing up for the newsletter and the GDPR notification. I’m not 100% sure what we have to do so will be sending a newsletter out just about this with a big button to un-subscribe if you wish to come

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13 May

13th May

What has been happening in the balloon world this week? I attended the City of London jam on Tuesday, we met for Pizza first then went to the pub for our usual get together. I think I have missed the last three months due to other commitments so it was nice to get back. It

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