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10 Nov

10th November

We have had a very quiet week both magic wise and balloon sales, as they say all quiet on the western front. Fingers crossed balloon sales will start to pick up this week for the Christmas rush. I have been having a little practise at some of my balloon magic effects as I put my

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03 Nov

3rd November

Today is Balloon Tube Sunday and the tutorial for this month is the Duck, he does actually float in water if you add a blue base. Well you could add any colour base, its the base that is important, he he. Next month we have the two balloon crown that was seen at the official

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27 Oct

27th October

I did a nice magic show this week for three birthday children, all went well except they ordered Pizza for all the children and it never turned up. I did an extra 15 mins while they went to the local shops so they could quickly make up some sandwiches. Crisis over. Been sorting out the

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20 Oct

20th October

This week I went and did a balloon build with Danielle down in Kent, it was 6 of the paw patrol characters and also Ryder. They all went together OK although we did re-make a couple of the dogs hats as they looked a little odd first time around. The pictures I’m posting onto Balloon

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13 Oct

13th October

I have been changing the wording on some of the BalloonTube tutorials, from whatever the design is called, say Pumpkin to Pumpkin Balloon Tutorial to see if we get a few more hits. I have also added a picture of the design at the beginning so you can see what is being taught rather than

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06 Oct

6th October

We are back from our world tour with David Crofts as “The Twistin Twins” I know we only went to Airdrie, Scotland and Birmingham, England but we had fun and enjoyed it and fingers crossed those that attended picked up a few things along the way as well. I have started to post the pictures

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29 Sep

29th September

This week will go down in the memory banks as the great flood of 2019. While attending the Kidology magic convention the dealer hall was flooded out due to the constant raining over many hours. You can see a few videos on the Kidology Facebook page, Flood. I posted a few pictures from the event

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22 Sep

22nd September

In case any one was unsure the Cucumber instructions I posted last week were made as a joke. This was because there was some chat on one of the pictures I posted and only the tail of the dinosaur was visible and someone commented about my speciality of making Royal Cucumbers………….so I went along for

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15 Sep

15th Sept

Hi all, had a busy week this week ballooning and last week at the magic convention. All pictures are posted from the magic convention, I only took a few, Magic Pictures. I enjoyed the convention but numbers every year seem to get smaller and also the people attending older, I suppose its the way of

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08 Sep

8th Sept

Just back from four days at the International Brotherhood of Magicians convention in Eastbourne, the gala show was very good and I enjoyed some of the one man shows that I saw. A little tired so will have a longer blog next week, will put the pictures up from the event onto balloon chat later

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