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27 May

27th May

Well the Paddington picture I posted last week certainly go the likes on facebook, the last time I looked it was nearly up to 400 so way more than what I usually get. I have just posted a saucy gnome on the toilet, I wonder how that one will go………..only time will tell. The Trix

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20 May

20th May

What a special week this was, now trying to work out the new details about people signing up for the newsletter and the GDPR notification. I’m not 100% sure what we have to do so will be sending a newsletter out just about this with a big button to un-subscribe if you wish to come

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13 May

13th May

What has been happening in the balloon world this week? I attended the City of London jam on Tuesday, we met for Pizza first then went to the pub for our usual get together. I think I have missed the last three months due to other commitments so it was nice to get back. It

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06 May

6th May

Firstly before I forget, as if I would but today is Sunday and the first Sunday of the month so that means? Yes just one thing It’s BalloonTube Sunday. This is tutorial number 50 and is for the Rocket, now the thing is this is the first time the model of the month on Balloon

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29 Apr

29th April

So what have you been doing this week Graham? Well I’m glad you asked…………….not a lot really. Just plodding about catching up with things, emails all up to date, balloon orders all up to date and had a magic show yesterday. Luckily I did not have a show today otherwise I would have had to

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22 Apr

22nd April

I attended the Tony Twist workshop this week in Hemel Hempstead. Met Steve for breakfast at the Travelodge and then made our way around to the venue. I think there were 20 of us attending, I have posted the pictures onto balloon chat. Tony Twist Workshop. We have all this years star lecture days for

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15 Apr

15th April

We got home safe and sound from the juggling convention, it was an enjoyable time but those attending the workshops numbers were a little low and sales were not the best. But at these things it’s the bigger picture, well that is what they tell me. I then went to the Kent face painting day

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08 Apr

8th April

This will be a very short and sweet blog as I’m attending the British Juggling Convention but I just wanted to mention that the new forum went live this morning. It was only meant to take a day and has taken the full week due to migrating over 48,000 pictures and getting them to be

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01 Apr

1st April

Today is a very special day for me, the balloon chat forum is 10 years old and the Balloon Artistes Guild is 7 years old. We started both on the 1st April, it was not planned this way but just the way things fell. We are hoping the forum is going to be up-dated today,

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25 Mar

25th March

Did you notice there was no blog last week? I was attending the Blackpool Balloon Bash, it’s interesting to see how people interact with others. Especially later on in the evening once a drink or two has been partaken. It was an adventure trying to go up the Blackpool Tower, I have been attending magic

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