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18 Nov

18th Nov

The BalloonTube post a day is still going strong, today was tutorial number 18 the one balloon machine gun. There are 4/5 people joining along so if you wanted to challenge yourself then please post onto my facebook page. Graham Lee Facebook. I had a gig at the weekend which was nice as things seem

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11 Nov

11th Nov

So what have I been up to this week, not too much really. A little quiet on the magic shows and balloon gigs. I fitted a new worktop in my study so it was easier to pack the balloon orders, so that took a little while. Making sure everything is ready for the next care

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05 Nov

4th Nov

For all those eagle eyed amongst you then perhaps you noticed I forgot to post my blog yesterday? Oooppps. I was busy with the new challenge of a balloon a day from my BalloonTube channel plus it was actually BalloonTube Sunday yesterday so I posted Rudolph the Reindeer design. Exactly the same as last month

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28 Oct

28th Oct

So this week we have been doing a little DIY and sorting out a few large units at home ready to move a few things about. Our boiler needs to be moved into the loft and I have a stacking unit where it needs to go so we have been going through everything and disposing

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21 Oct

21st Oct

Blog for the week, we went down to Rochester this week with a few others for a balloon jam day. It was a nice time with plenty of laughter, a few balloons and some lovely food thrown in as well. Well when I say thrown in, it was actually on the table but I’m sure

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14 Oct

14th Oct

So what have we been up to, I put another coat of stain on the smaller log cabin after giving it a quick rub down. Made the door fit better and having to secure a corner joint as it has come un-glued. Then been up dating my balloon portfolio, I have started to add from

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07 Oct

7th Oct

Just back from my fourth event in five weeks, a little tired so a quick hello here from me and off to find a random balloon picture of the week for people to view. I went with the mermaid that we made a few weeks back now. There are a few more to view on

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30 Sep

30th Sept

We are back from the Kidology magic convention and then off again on Thursday for the face painting convention which will be our fourth event attending in five weeks. It’s been a little busy but very enjoyable, I think there are over 300 attending the face painting event so the largest of the four we

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23 Sep

23rd Sept

So this week, I’m getting ready to travel up to the Kidology magic convention that is on 24/26th Sept. This is the third of four conventions I’m attending over a 5 week period. So a little busy. Yesterday I had a slightly different gig, it was an after party gig for  7th birthday party. All

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16 Sep

16th Sept

Had a fabulous two day balloon event this week with Mark Byrne coming over form America to run both days. Very usable designs for the real world. I even used a variation on his car for a birthday party I was at yesterday. I have started to post the pictures but it will take at

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