Modelling / Twisting Balloons UK

Modelling / Twisting Balloons
Qualatex brand balloons, manufactured by Pioneer Balloon Company, are recognised worldwide as The Very Best Balloons. The 260q modelling / Twisting balloon is 2 inches in diameter and 60 inches long and mainly used by the balloon modeller / twister and balloon decorator.

At Balloon Art Wholesale, we stock 40 variations of the Pioneer Europe 260q modelling / Twisting balloons with 25 solid colours, 4 assorted bags, 2 opaque colours, 2 metallic colours and 7 pearl colours.

The 260q twisting balloon is a Qualatex balloons product that is our best seller. This is the most popular balloon for the twister to use when balloon modelling.

There is also the 160q, 350q and 646q available for the twisters to use when modelling and deco twisting.

Our Best Selling Qualatex Modelling / Twisting Balloons UK

Latest Customer Reviews

  • “High quality balloons in a great range of colours. Ideal for many models but I buy them specially for making six petal flower heads and they work fine, with very few pops.”

    -- Dave Kent

  • “I am so happy to have found! I am very new to the balloon circle and have placed my first and second orders. Service is second to none and I feel I'm growing more confident in my models! Thank you!”

    -- Emma

  • “I have been buying from Graham for nearly 10 years now. I have never had a problem with service or product. Why would I buy from anywhere else?
    Thanks for the excellent service Graham!”

    -- Mackers Balloons

  • “Love not needing to buy whole bags of several colours, particularly in this size. Pot luck on the number of each colour”

    -- Stuart Bayne

  • “Very handy actually - I bought two packs of the colours I wanted to try (so 20 of each balloon) and actually thought I'd run out really quick. But I'm still getting through them! Very good idea to do these split bags and you can try a wide range of balloons for a good price.”

    -- Samantha