Modelling / Twisting Balloons UK

Modelling / Twisting Balloons
Qualatex brand balloons, manufactured by Pioneer Balloon Company, are recognised worldwide as The Very Best Balloons. The 260q modelling / Twisting balloon is 2 inches in diameter and 60 inches long and mainly used by the balloon modeller / twister and balloon decorator.

At Balloon Art Wholesale, we stock 40 variations of the Pioneer Europe 260q modelling / Twisting balloons with 25 solid colours, 4 assorted bags, 2 opaque colours, 2 metallic colours and 7 pearl colours.

The 260q twisting balloon is a Qualatex balloons product that is our best seller. This is the most popular balloon for the twister to use when balloon modelling.

There is also the 160q, 350q and 646q available for the twisters to use when modelling and deco twisting.

Our Best Selling Qualatex Modelling / Twisting Balloons UK

Latest Customer Reviews

  • “I recently ordered the 50 bags deal. I must say I was very impressed. Such good value for money. Next day delivery. Thank you. Great value and good customer service.”

    -- Denise Pettitt

  • “Excellent value selection for larger 350 balloons. As a previous reviewer has said it can be pot luck as to the numbers of each colour in a beg but I find that generally it is a reasonably even spread.”

    -- twisted-genius

  • “Best balloons in the world. And great color.”

    -- Timo

  • “This colour is amazing”

    -- Stuart Bayne

  • “I had this bag, but didn't use it for long. It did hold lots of balloons in the main compartment and the shoulder strap made it very easy to carry. My problem was that the pockets around the side were too big, I would rather have had more smaller pockets.”

    -- Suzi Banister