Rubber Chicken Prize Winner

There is a children’s entertainer magazine that comes out every two months called Rubber Chicken and for the past two editions I have sponsored a competition where everyone who bought the magazine went into the grand prize draw to win £50 worth of balloon products. This months winner was George Quinn from Northern Ireland who I have seen perform his adult comedy act on a few occasions and I find to be very funny. So congratulations to George, if anyone would like to buy the magazine and to help Peter Aubery in his attempt to keep the adventure going his details are,

And more info on Magic George can be found here,

So back to the balloons and we have a balloon day in Manchester on Tuesday 30th Sept with Daz Cooper lecturing,
booking details and a little more about Daz can be found on the balloon forum,

We got back from a very nice Kidology convention late Tuesday night, there was Venturama for the puppet and vent entertainers on the Wed but we did not stay for this. The competition and gala show Monday night were nice with pictures being added here,

We are off next Tuesday for the International Brotherhood of Magicians convention that is taking place in Bournemouth, they do have weekly and daily tickets available if anyone would like to attend. They also have dealer tickets so you can walk around and view the latest magic miracles that are on offer and Thelma and I will be attending with our balloon stand.

This is George and his prize,