My Travels

We are off on our travels again, this week I will be attending the International Brotherhood of Magicians convention in Bournemouth which normally gets around 350 attending. In days gone by that would be up to and sometimes even more than 1000 magicians attending but nowadays with most things online you do not need to attend a convention to see the latest miracles. We have a stand selling our wares and hope to make a few new contacts, see some nice magic and generally have a nice time while showing people a few new models for their repertoire.

We travel back on Sunday from Bournemouth and then Monday it is straight off up to Manchester for the first care and share day after the summer break with a workshop lecture from Daz Cooper, Daz is the very first person I have booked who I have never met or seen lecture so a first time for me. The pictures Daz has been posting of his balloon sculptures are definitely unique, Daz is a body builder and I think this shows in some of his work. If anyone would like to attend the workshop more info and booking details are here,

There is the monthly prize draw on the website this month to win the full set of six Graham Lee DVD’s, just spend £25 via the website to be automatically entered into the prize draw.

Now onto the random balloon picture, off to see what I can find, I’m back and there were a few to choose from but I decided on the Monkey. More pictures are on the forum of the monkey if you would like to view,