6th March

I come on here thinking now what shall I write about?
Well this week I built a big giant size vase with flowers Vase Pictures.

I then built a few variations on a rabbit hat as that will be the next balloon design form DVD 6 that I will be sharing over on Balloon chat, trouble is I rather like a nice simple usable ghost hat as well so we may make a quick U turn when it comes to the write up, as they say you will have to watch this space, trouble is it will not be on this space but the space over on balloon chat, this is the link for the airplane design and the crocodile hat.
DVD Six, “Just Hats”

This week I also talked with Buster Balloon about possibly coming over to the UK for a master class, David keep this under you hat, thanks. Then got ready for the Birmingham two day Care & Share balloon days that we have on the 8/9th March this week. Simon Jong and Rob Driscoll will be lecturing and I think it will be a fun time. If you would like to attend the event then booking details are here. Booking.

We are having our first meeting of the Balloon Artistes Guild so I have got the accounts more or less up to date, looking forward to the suggestions on how to take the club forward.

Another thing that we did this week was to chat with Craig Cash about the possibility of a east coast balloon jam, the suggestion from Craig was Skegness or Grimsby. As these are both on the coast I look at things like we can draw people in form a 50 mile radius so half of that would be in the sea so I look for a more in land location so suggested Peterborough or Lincoln, Lincoln was the favourite location and Craig was going to chat with many of the twisters from that area as they have a facebook group. The census coming back was they were not too keen, I suggested the fee would be £30 to attend and they would get six bags of modelling balloons, so making it a free day. How can people not be keen with a free day? I better try to promote this as I have never been that way for a care & share day so will be nice to try a different area.

Anyway, that’s me for now, the random balloon picture I think will be the vase but I will check what other designs I have been playing with this week as well.
Be right back, yes it’s the vase.
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