6th June

Hi all, hope things are good and a few parties are coming in for everyone.
I did my first birthday party in over 16 months during the week, I did go through my magic on the morning of the party to refresh my memory, thought I’d better had, he he.
So I dont think I could have chosen a better party to go back to, the set up was great with me in the lounge and all the children and parents in the garden and the 12/15 children were all fab and laughing along with the birthday boy really into it all so made for a lovely time…………….well I thought so….so hopefully everyone else enjoyed it. One thing I did realise was I was a little slower in the delivery, assuming as I was thinking now what is the next line etc and it seemed to work better, well I thought it did. So we might try and keep a slower pace even when I’m back up to speed on knowing the act off by heart again.

I’m still twisting away making designs and as today is Sunday and its BalloonTube Sunday the design this month is for the line work Rose. I’m a little concerned as we did have this as a paid tutorial a few months back so I am a little worried people will be upset that I’m now giving it away for free. That is a dilemma and I can see why they would be, will try and work out a way of perhaps offering those who came on the workshop a little something. I do have a larger Rose that I was going to have as a workshop so perhaps I can offer that at half price to those who attended the line work Rose workshop, yes that might work. This is the link to view the Rose, BalloonTube Rose.

I’m off out again shortly as we are running a basic balloon workshop for a large company as they will be having a Kid’s clubs and those who work there will be able to make some basic balloon designs. Will be nice to see people and get out and about, still keeping a safe distance from everyone so I expect it will be a little more difficult than normal as not so much close up and hands on.

We do have another Zoom-A-Balloon workshop this week with the Push Bike, I did really enjoy last weeks workshop with the Train, it was fun so thanks to those that attended. We do have a few spaces left for this week if you’d like to join us, Push Bike Workshop.

That’s me then for this week, off to find the random balloon design of the week.
I have gone with the Model of the month over on Balloon Chat for June.
The step by step tutorial is available here, Dolphin.