5th May

Ooops, I forgot to do the blog yesterday. I usually do them on the Sunday so writing this now on Bank Holiday Monday. I was busy making Pinocchio yesterday for our Balloon Chat Challenge with Danielle. I will be posting this weeks challenge later. To see all the other challenges we have made over the past few months, Challenge Thread.

It was BalloonTube Sunday yesterday and that I did remember to post, we went for the butterfly design, this is the 62nd tutorial we have posted. BalloonTube.

And with over I think 90 tutorials on Balloon Chat we are well over 150 designs shared.
Balloon Chat

Some might not know but I do have a few DVD’s for sale with designs on so if anyone would like to buy one or two as a little thank you then that would be fab and very much appreciated. They are on special offer at the moment on the website. DVD Sale.

What with all the star war jokes going about for the 4th May and then the original actor who played Chewbacca passing on the 3rd I did post my Chewbacca design from 3 years back that I made. I think I will have that as the random balloon picture of the week for this week.

Just finalising the trip up to Scotland with David Crofts, it will be “The Twistin Twins world tour, taking in Birmingham, England and Airdrie, Scotland. We will announce and confirm everything hopefully this week once all has been booked in.

That’s me for this week, take care XXxx
a chewbacca1