3rd July

It’s been a very busy and exciting week this week, on Wed I picked up Daniel “Fudd” Ravia from the Eurostar station as he is over from America and staying with us a few days. As things turned out this was good as we had a big car build on Thursday/Friday so he was able to help with that. It was two very long days but twisting with Daniel, Thelma Levett, Roger Daws and David Crofts made it a fun couple of days as well. I think the days were both 11 hours twisting.

Pictures are being posted onto balloon chat but will take a week or so to add as we are off to Birmingham tomorrow for the David Grist Memorial lecture. Daniel was working the German comic con convention and is off tomorrow to work at an Irish festival with a few twisters from all over the world. See this balloon modelling is an exciting way of life.
Mini Car Build.

The model for the July competition is the plane made with two hearts for the wings,
full step by step instructiosn can be found here. Plane.

If anyone would like to come along last minute to the memorial lecture then
booking details are here. Memorial Lecture.

So now the random picture of the month, I think it will be the large ATAT Walker from Star Wars that David Crofts and I built last week. We have posted many pictures as it was built along with Chewbacca and Kylo-ren. Star Wars Pictures.

OOPS! Just realised I posted that last week, off to find another random picture.
This was from another big build we did about three weeks ago,
more pictures over on balloon chat. Cowboy designs.