31st May

Hi all, well tomorrow is meant to be the start of the easing of the lockdown, fingers crossed people are sensible and things go to plan and we don’t get another spike in 2/3 weeks time.

I have been twisting away as usual for the past few weeks but have not been posting much due to the slight glitch we seem to have on the server with my websites. Some people are unable to view, the technical people are looking into this and it seems we have to move away from the present hosts as anyone with BT or EE service provider is unable to log onto my website and the people who run the server at the moment do not know why this is happening. Hopefully when we get moved this will solve the problem. Its all very strange to me, if anyone is struggling to view the website then please get in touch and I’m happy to take orders
over the phone or are you able to view the website from another service provider.
Balloon Art Wholesale.

Its the end of the month so its account time again, have to make sure we keep up with everything and the accounts the past few months have not taken long to do due to sales dropping of pretty drastically. Here is hoping things start to pick up soon for everyone during these very difficult times.

I have just posted my BalloonTube tutorial number five, the one balloon sword onto Facebook, this was originally posted back in Sept 2016. Please take a look as it is an unusual sword and slightly different from the usual that you see. BalloonTube Sword.

Model of the Month
I posted the Panda as the model of the month for June, its the 186th tutorial that I have posted either on Balloon Chat or BalloonTube. For the first time I did mention about the cost of running the forum and added my Paypal details in case anyone would like to make a small donation to the running costs. Its really the forum that does cost¬† a few pennies to keep on line. Well something happened………………I was very touched. I received a PM that was very nice and also the donation in no way was small. To that person, THANK YOU, your comments made my year, it was very kind and appreciated. If anyone would like to help with the running costs then my Paypal is, grahamleesmagic@blueyonder.co.uk
The step by step tutorial for the Panda can be found over on Balloon Chat, Panda.

That’s me for this week, wishing everyone well and please be careful as we cautiously come out of what they have called lockdown.
Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with Mr 70’s man :-) :-)
man5 (2020_05_21 15_50_39 UTC)