31st Jan

So this week has mainly been about sorting out the artwork for my new roll up banner, YouTube channel and a new header for my business Facebook page. I found it to be very stressful, I think it’s all sorted now.
Facebook Artwork.
YouTube Artwork.
Roller Banner Artwork.

Off to Bristol later tonight for the Tony Twist lecture/workshop tomorrow. I think it’s a sell out with 30 people attending, looking forward to it.

This months model of the month is the Fox, we put in complimentary packets of balloons to make the model with step by step instructions up on balloon chat. All those that enter then get their names put into the old hat and we pick a winner to receive a balloon modelling DVD, no worries if you do not buy from us, just join in and post for fun.
The fox instructions can be found here. Fox Instructions.

I added the step by step for the Crocodile hat this week as well. Crocodile Hat.
Until next week………bye for now xx