30th Dec

Ooops, I forgot to do my blog yesterday, still the days do muddle up around this time of year. We have a balloon care & share day coming up in Sutton on the 21st Jan. It will be a jam day with a couple of competitions and I will be building a motorbike. You are welcome to join in with me or get into a group and have a go at building a bike yourself. We then have Tobi Twist from Germany over for a two day event in Birmingham on 4/5th March, both days are different so perhaps make it a road trip with others and stay over for the event.
More details and to book, Balloon Days.

I finished the BalloonTube challenge with all 57 designs going up on a daily basis, I enjoyed the challenge and a few did join in now and again but a thank you to Danielle Burnige who did the whole 57 day challenge. I was rather chuffed about that. Also thanks to all those who commented positively, it was appreciated.
The mind boggles with some of the comments that we got though,
I think they call that the joy of Facebook 😉

Over the weekend we have filmed ten more tutorials to go with the two we already have ready so all of next years BalloonTube is ready to roll. Here is the link if you’d like to view the latest tutorial, BalloonTube.

That’s it from me for this year, hopefully see you on the other side.
Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with the horse as this got the most reaction and views
while doing the BalloonTube Challenge over the past weeks.