2nd May

So this week was meant to be BalloonTube Sunday but we have had a slight technical error as the tutorial starts from half way into the build, oops.
Not sure what we have done there but will try and get sorted so we can post later today or if not then we will have BalloonTube Sunday next Sunday. Its not the end of the world., I’d better double check all the others we have done just in case. To view some of the other 85 designs, BalloonTube.

Its also Model of the Month time over on Balloon Chat, this month its the Push Bike design, the problem with the design is trying to add the mudguards with out distorting the design too much. I have posted I think four variations on the mudguards, and will probably try some variations over the coming weeks. Model of the Month, Push Bike.

I went to help Danielle with a build as well, one of her jobs changed the day so she had to make double the designs all in one day. It was Plants and Zombies that I had never heard of plus Danielle did make some number columns as well. I have started to post the pictures here on Balloon Chat, Plants and Zombies.

I was then onto making trains, I did make some at the end of last year but was looking for a more line work design, we are getting there with them possibly but I still prefer the six balloon design we came up with back in December. Train.
The line work Train that is still a work in progress can be seen here, Line Work Train.

I think that’s me for this week, off to do some more DIY on the decking to smarten it up a little.
Off to find the random balloon picture of the week. I went with the Dinosaur that we made
a few weeks back, there are two other Dinosaur’s on this thread as well, Dino.