2nd July

I’m a little late with this weeks blog offering, not sure if it’s a blog or to keep everyone up to date with what has been going on in the balloon world for me. We had Daniel FuDD Ravia in the UK on Monday 29th June, an excellent day and a little different to how the care & share days normally work. Daniel showed a concept and we then went off and made models from the concept, it seemed to work pretty well, I’m posting pictures onto balloon chat over the next few days so please pop over and take a look, FuDD pictures.

The special offer for the next two weeks on the Qualatex Balloons website (Balloon Art Wholesale) is for the geo blossom balloons in single colours.
Geo Special Offer.

I’m very happy to report that all the pictures from the balloon forum are now all back and searchable on balloon chat. The site was moved over to a new server at the beginning of May, all the pictures and links did not synch up correctly. Well after three experts looking at the site and unable to help the fourth person Jeremy was able to fix all the problems. So all the pictures from 1st April 2008 until the end of April 2015 are now viewable, goodness knows how many pictures that is but it was nearly 6gb of data and took 7 hours to upload. All is back though so very chuffed.
Balloon Chat.


And so to a Random balloon picture for this month, my version of Yoda from the Daniel FuDD Ravia lecture this week for
“The Balloon Artistes Guild”