2nd January 2022

Wishing everyone a very “Happy New Year”
And as it’s Sunday and the first Sunday of the month it must be BalloonTube Sunday….agian.
This is tutorial number 94 and we went with the Unicorn that we came up with back in August last year. I do feel a little uncomfortable as we did have the Unicorn as a paid tutorial over Zoom last year and I do wonder what people think who paid for the tutorial and then I post it for free a few months later. Hopefully they will be OK about it as the Zoom was for only 10 people maximum and lasted about 90/120 mins, people could ask questions as well and got the reasoning behind why I do certain things the way I do. So more informative than watching on BalloonTube I like to think. But I am concerned some might be unhappy with this and I do understand xx.
This is the link for the Unicorn tutorial, Unicorn BalloonTube.

Its also Model of the Month over on Balloon chat as well, I have gone with the spider design that we came up with for Halloween last October. As we are short on colours in the 160 balloons I’m not sure what will be in the complimentary packs we send out with every order. The spider looks good in Black or Red but we do not have any 160’s in those colours so you might get some unusual colours being sent to make the Spider, but at least you will get the basic’s for the design. I will be putting the step by step instructions up later today.
Spider Balloon Chat.

I was looking into having a balloon day in Sutton on the 18th January but I’m a little uncertain of what the restrictions might be and if people are still unsure about going out and mixing again. Especially with the new variant of Covid that seems to be taking hold at the moment. I will speak with Qualatex ASAP and make a decision on what days we will try and run in the coming few months.

The new website is coming along and we only have 3 or 4 things that need to be updated before we go live , will be nice to get it finally finished and live. The old website is still up and pretty much up to date with what products we have in stock, if you are looking for 360 Black and Blush we do have the 360 Black and Peach available that is the Sempertex equivalent, Sempertex Balloons.

On the Qualatex website we do have some special offers available on the discontinued Hearts, 321’s and Geo Blossoms, once they are gone we are unable to get any more though. We only have the odd bag in colours available so be quick to grab  a bargain, Balloon Art Wholesale.

That’s me for this week, apart from we did go and see The Book of Mormon yesterday…..it was very funny, he he and another he as it was that funny.
Off to find a random balloon picture of the week to post.
I went with the Unicorn design that is on BalloonTube this month.