2nd February

Today is BalloonTube Sunday and it’s tutorial number 71, all are free to view.
This month it’s Peppa Pig. BalloonTube.

It’s also model of the month on Balloon Chat and we have gone with a Pterodactyl, try spelling that, ha ha. I’m not sure what number we are up to on model of the month but its over 100 designs so hopefully there will be a design or two you will like and be able to use.
Model of the Month.

Not long now to the Blackpool magic convention, David Crofts is helping me work the stand this year and the theme is going to be a magician. Why have we never thought of this before, we had but other ideas took over in years gone by and we even know what the theme is going to be for next year as well………….unless we have a better idea between now and then.

Off for another balloon Jam this week and then the following week its getting ready for the magic convention. I also had a busy weekend entertaining as well so that’s great for this time of year. As always could do we a few more balloon sales so if you are able to buy a bag or two from us that would be fabulous and very much appreciated. Balloon Art wholesale.

I’m still posting the pictures up from the Sutton Care & Share day that we had the other week,
I think they should all be posted by the end of the week. Sutton Balloon Day.

Thanks for looking and reading, take care………….
off to find the random balloon picture of the week,
I wen with the lamp that has just come up on my Facebook
timeline as being from two years ago. It was also published
in the Qualatex catalogue for 2019 on page 25.
This has to be in my top five designs that I have made………I think!
There are some variations on a theme on Balloon Chat, Lamps.