2nd Dec

Had a fantastic time in Birmingham with many of the balloon artistes guild members on a comedic workshop. What fun with plenty of laughs along the way. Thanks to Joe, the silent clown for running the event for everyone. Many favourable comments and positive vibes
from the day. I have started to post the pictures from the event onto balloon chat,
Comedic Workshop.

Its also BalloonTube Sunday today with the two balloon pirate sword being the tutorial.
Made form the chrome is certainly sparkles, this is tutorial number 57, Chrome Sword.

I’m still plodding away and updating my portfolio, we are up to March 2016
so going in the right direction. Portfolio Pictures.

Its the start of the Christmas season and we do have a few balloon gigs and magic shows lined up for Dec. Plus I have to fit in some decorating as we had a new boiler fitted into a new position so where the old one was all the pipes needs boxing in and re wallpapering so plenty to do. I’m also up to date with my one post a day from BalloonTube, today was the one balloon cat and tomorrow is the two balloon Pikachu. These are being posted onto my Facebook page, Graham Lee Facebook.

That’s me for this week then, thanks to all those who attended the comedic workshop and the Q-Jam the day after. It was a lot of fun but very tiring.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with the jumbo flower I made last week.
The small flower is made from a 260 to compare.