2nd August

Hurray, I’ve posted on time, not done that for a little while.
We have a special offer on the Qualatex website for the next two weeks on 11″ rounds with a good selection being on special offer. Round Balloons.

I had a very nice job yesterday up in Central London at the Halcyon Gallery where they were promoting a Cowboy’s and Indian’s theme for the younger generation. There was plenty of time to get to know people and to twist some intricate pieces, I enjoyed it and the feedback seemed positive.

I have added a few new instructions onto balloon chat this week with a helicopter, tank and elephant all being explained with step by step details. If you have five minutes then please take a look. Model of the Month.

My random ballon for the week is a ninja turtle I made for my regular courier guy who’s son was having a birthday today and is turtle mad, I made a few tweaks from the last ninja turtle I made and enjoyed adding a little more detail.
It was a fun build.
ninja 5