2nd August

I forgot to write the blog yesterday, oops.
It was not because I was overly busy, the last party/balloons that I did was back in February,
so 5 months back now and I cant really see things picking up till the New Year now. Thinking positive though we have just done the Model of the Month for August which was the Chihuahua, the face started off for me on a Kangaroo that I made back in January 2019.
Funny how things evolve. The step by step details can be found here, Model of the Month.

I also did some filming yesterday for another one of my Table Top Tutorials, TTT. The plan is for these to come with a small purchase price to help me pay for the forum and to keep BalloonTube going and hopefully to bring in some pennies as things as I said earlier have been pretty difficult over the past 5 months with no shows etc. This was tutorial number four, we started off with the Teddy Bear that sits and stands, so like a transformer bear. We then made the line work Whale design followed by Paddington Bear and then Jessica Rabbit that we made originally six weeks ago. Now when will these be available? I have no idea as we are unable to add them to YouTube as for a Private setting I need I think it was over 20,000 subscribers, we have 2200 the last time I looked. So I went and looked into Google Drive, this might be another option we can look at but as I’m not too technical we do leave this with our web guy. Now he is good but not to fast when it comes to sorting things so when I say it might not be till next year………this might actually be right. If it was sooner I’m not sure anyone would have any spare pennies to purchase at the moment. I will still keep recording some now and again to keep myself ready and a few steps ahead when we do finally launch.

It was BalloonTube Sunday yesterday as well, we usually get approx 200 views on the first day but over the past few months we have seen this decline as I’m assuming people are not out working or looking for new designs at the moment, I think we had 122 views yesterday for the two balloon Seahorse that we posted. BalloonTube Seahorse.

That’s me for this week, off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with the Unicorn Design I made back in April this year.