29th July

What have we been doing this week in the balloon world?
Thinking about it we have booked and confirmed the silent clown, Donimo for a comedic workshop in Birmingham on Tuesday 27th Nov. It was a little bit of a challenge booking this up as the Travelodge had some nights advertised at £80 to £105 for some reason so we had to avoid those and then also the venue was unable to do one of the dates. I would have preferred early Nov but this was the only time we could sort out. It will be a two day event and I’m looking into booking something for the Wed 28th Nov. This is Donimo’s website, BalloonTube.

There are also over 80 designs with step by step instructions over on Balloon Chat if you wanted to find another design or two to add to your repertoire. They are spaced out over five pages, Balloon Chat Step by Step.

On the website we have the Chrome in 260’s and 11″ rounds all on special offer this month plus the 6″ metallic hearts as well. So a few bargains to be had, the chrome 260 is being used in the August model of the month that we are just about to put up on the forum. It’s a two balloon machine gun, Balloon Chat Tutorial.

That’s it from me for this week, off to find a random
balloon model to post. Back in a minute, I went with
Peter Rabbit that we made a few months back now.
peter rabbit