27th September

Hello to everyone who reads my blog…………….both of you :)
So this week I have been making up the selection boxes for the Model of the Month designs we are putting together. I have five designs, Swan, Sword, Hippo, Snake and Teddy. At the moment we are calling the idea, “Twisting Fun 4 Everyone” Hoping if someone is having a birthday or looking for a slightly different Christmas present then they might purchase one of the sets.
They come with enough balloons to make each design 10 times. I have tried to keep the cost down but with postage, boxes, pumps etc it all adds up, there are two choices, either with out
a pump or with a pump just so we can try and keep the price point lower. They are on the website but not live at the moment as we filmed the tutorial yesterday and just need a quick edit as when making the Swan the first time I put too much air into the design,
Balloon Tuition Packs.

The filming for the tuition packs went pretty well and is over 40 mins long. I then filmed the line work four balloon digger that is going to be the model of the month for October. I also included the second version with the rear bucket attachment, this is the first time we have filmed a Model of the Month. We are looking to sell the more advanced digger as a paid tutorial, this will be a first time for me unless of course you include the DVD’s we have for sale on the website. For me they are slightly different, I’m catching up with technology….well sort of, he he.

We do have a special offer running on the website at the moment,

1, Buy two get one free, of the stock below, or
2, Spend £50 get a free bag of 160’s/260’s/foil
Spend £75 and get a free bag of 350’s/
Spend £100 and get a free bag of 646/minnie/11″ rounds
Spend £125 and get a free step inside balloon.
All while stocks last, limited supplies.
646 gold and silver
6 foot balloon
foil number 0 in black
minnie mouse hearts
350 clear, coral, chocolate
11″ rounds golden rod/wintergreen
160 pearl ruby red
260 clear, tropical teal
6″ black quick links 

If anyone would like to take advantage of the offer then please message me first to see what stock we have left to offer, thanks.
Off to find the random balloon picture of the week to post.
I went with a Digger, but this is not the design that I filmed yesterday for Model of the Month.
This Digger has approx 20 balloons in the design and I made it back in April of this year.