27th Nov

Hello campers…………and those that live in brick houses etc. This week was rather hectic as we had over very last minute Matt Falloon from Australia. Matt ran two balloon workshops for us, the first day being filmed for club members. I drove down to Oxford Sunday night to pick Matt up as he was staying at an old school friends for a few days. The drive down was good but we did get stuck for a while in traffic on the way home and the round trip was nearly six hours. I find it’s these moments when you are with the lecturers that you pick up some interesting facts, hints and tips. The same as when sightseeing or driving them from A to B, Buster and I had a fabulous chat on the motorway services, very enlightening, anyway a bit of a tangent there. The pictures are still being posted up onto the forum and will take a few days to add for Matt’s workshops, Matt Falloon Pictures.

We are off to Birmingham on Sunday for the next instalment of the balloon artiste’s guild with Alberto Nava and Daz Cooper running the balloon workshops for us.
There is still time to book if you would like to join us, Booking Details.

The pictures are still being  added from the large build that David Crofts and I did last weekend for a private birthday party, we made seven Pokémon Go characters and a couple of Belisha Beacons. Again not all the pictures are up as we took many as we built the designs. Pokémon Go Pictures.

The next balloon event we have will then not be till the New Year with Dan Catt running the full day on the 11th Jan at Bishops Stortford.

BalloonTube this week is the one balloon swan, please share about the link if you can as we are trying to hit the 5000 mark this week with those that have looked at the tutorials. I think it might be time to get a nice new header done for the page; it’s not too exciting looking at the big grey box at the top of the page. BalloonTube.

We are travelling up to Birmingham on the Sunday as I’m attending the funeral of a friend who sadly passed away very suddenly from a brain hemorrhage the other week. Jeremy from Practical Magic, he was a true gentleman and a lovely person. It was always nice to sit and have a chat about things, it will be a sad day but the service is a celebration of his life.

That is me for this week, off to pick the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with the Rob Driscoll Troll, if you would like to know more
about this design there is a thread over on balloon chat, Troll.