27th May

Well the Paddington picture I posted last week certainly go the likes on facebook, the last time I looked it was nearly up to 400 so way more than what I usually get. I have just posted a saucy gnome on the toilet, I wonder how that one will go………..only time will tell.

The Trix convention was very good, the opening show was fabulous with “Raymond and Mr Timpkins Review” getting a standing ovation. They were just so so funny, I was crying with laughter. I looked them up on Youtube and although good I think you do have to be there in person or it might be the three good acts before and then they just came and topped it off. Whatever the reason they were brilliant. I have started to post the pictures from Trix and they should all be up by the end of the week, Trix Pictures,

So the latter part of the week was catching up with orders and emails after being a way for a couple of days.
I have now confirmed up two more Care & Share balloon days, 25th June in Manchester and then 11th July in Sutton, Surrey with a basic balloon modelling day. If anyone could spread the word as it’s always nice to get a few people through the door and attending the days. They are both only £15 to attend so a very nominal price to cover costs etc.
For more info and all the other dates booked so far, Balloon Days.

I’m off this week to pick up the master copy from the last star lecture day with Wallie de Groote that we had in March. All the pictures are now up on Balloon Chat if you would like to take a look, there are over 150 to view, Wallie de Groote.

Off to have a look for the random balloon picture for this week.
This was made at the Blackpool Balloon Bash back in March.
To see how the gun has developed on Balloon Chat, Gun.