26th May

I was away at the Trix Magic convention last week and only just realised I did not post a blog, oops. Never mind, pictures from Trix are here on the forum, Trix Pictures.

This week we went down to Rainham with some of  my Ladies of Latex to have a go at making a balloon dress. Not too much designing went into making it, we all winged it a little. This was possibly a mistake as the dress did come out a little large. Still we will be better prepared for version two. There are a few pictures posted at the moment with a few more going up this week so come back to take a look. Dress Pictures.

I’m off to Lemsford Village Hall next week, 30th May and not the 17th April as it says on the page. Its for a face painting jam, more details are on Facebook if anyone would like to attend. Face Paint Event.

The challenge last week was ET, this was challenge 11 so there are plenty to view on the thread. Challenge thread.

I have been twisting quite a few designs lately, Elsa, ET, Pikachu, Sloth.
All are posted onto Balloon chat. Balloon Pictures.

That’s all for this week, off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with Pikachu the detective which was week 10 challenge.
Don’t forget next week is BalloonTube Sunday, BalloonTube.