26th July

Here we are with another week’s blog, now what has been happening this week? Not to much to be honest, like many of the other weeks. I did thoroughly clean my study come office come twisting room. Its surprising how dusty and so many bits of balloons end up all over the place. So sorted that yesterday and fitted some wooden edging along the path in the garden this week as well. I did make quite a few balloon designs this week as its coming up for the model of the month for August. I went through quite a few pictures of designs I made this year and I also looked at designs I made back in January 2019. I decided on the Chihuahua design where the face originally started off as a Kangaroo. Funny how you see different things in different designs. Here are the pictures from all the designs I was thinking about for model of the month, Designs.

And the full step by step instructions for the Chihuahua are here, Chihuahua.

Off down to Hastings tomorrow to meet up with a few friends, not been out much
since they relaxed the lockdown rules so will be nice to catch up with people.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week, now what shall it be?
I went with my variation of a design from Patrick van de Ven.