26th February

Did you notice there was no blog last week?
The plan was to write one but we ended up being too busy with the running of the dealer stand at Blackpool.

I was attending the Blackpool magic convention, we drove up to Birmingham on the Tuesday night, picked Thelma up Wed morning and got to Blackpool around 2.30 and took all the stock into our dealer stand that was in a new place, right next to the door where we bring the entire product in to set up. So from that point of view it was great, we then had till 5pm the next day to set the stand and make some designs. The plan was to build a cooker so someone could get underneath and then have a frying pan where they could pop there head up and through while a friend put on a chefs hat and apron with some cocking utensils. There are a few pictures over on balloon chat, Blackpool Stand.

On the Friday morning we decided to go to plan B for the stand and moved it all back a good 4/5 feet so giving us so much more room to use and work in, the cooker seemed a good idea at the time but took up too much room for the space we had. We did get a few nice pictures but for next year we need to come up with something a little more compact. Off up to Lowestoft on Tuesday for a balloon workshop for the clown gathering that Andrew Davis is organising that is running over a few days, this is the facebook page is anyone would like to attend,
Clown Gathering.

We then have next Monday and Tuesday 6th and 7th March a two day balloon event in Birmingham with Darren Mortiboy coming over from Ireland and Twistina running the second day, spaces are still available if anyone would like to attend, Balloon Artistes Guild.

BalloonTube this week has the two balloon panda that takes three balloons to make and four balloons if you include the green stand for it to sit on. I’m rather pleased with how this one turned out, Panda.

We had to finally increase the products on the website due to the 8% increase that came into effect on the 1st Feb, we are always looking at providing an excellent service at competitive prices and hope people will keep using us and possibly recommending us to others as well. Thanks for reading, off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
This is my variation on the rabbit that Daniel McCullough showed us
at the Manchester Care & Share day last year.