26th April

I have been keeping busy this week with tweaking some of my balloon designs to film for BalloonTube, we filmed on Friday the Bat, Cow, Dinosaur and Sea Horse. Today we filmed my new love heart Owl design, a Pirate Ship, Crocodile and a Santa Wand all ready for Christmas. So with the Bat for Halloween and Santa for Christmas I’m getting very forward thinking in this. If you would like to visit BalloonTube, there are 73 tutorials posted up at the moment and I have another 11 as they say in the can so enough to take us up to April 2021. BalloonTube.

Sales are still very down, I would say over the past 6 weeks we have lost 90% of our business, so if you do need to order any product it would be very much appreciated. Also if you are a regular customer and do need some product but are a little short on pennies then please get in touch as I’m more than happy to send you product and we can arrange a payment time later in the year. Balloon Art Wholesale.

I made a Paramedic last week to post on Thursday for the NHS and all the key workers, well on a good day if I’m lucky I would get 200 likes and it shared possibly a couple of times. The Paramedic got shared so many times I lost count and has had over 3000 likes. It was posted onto a Healthcare NHS Facebook page where it has over 2000 likes. I was very pleased people liked it, well rather chuffed to be honest. So there is no random balloon picture of the week this week as I’m going to post the Paramedic.
aparamedic sally2bc