25th July

Well, this week I have been practising my Thomas the Tank and friends designs, well practising is the wrong word as I have never made them before. It was to help a friend out who had a lot of designs to make over a two-day period so I went along to help a little. It was a long old day but we just about got it all made in time. I have started a thread with a few variations on Thomas and Friends. Thomas Designs.

Now today I’m off to Telford for the very first event in over 17 months, it’s a face painting event with around 45 people attending. Balloons and stock all sorted ready for the drive up later today and the event is tomorrow. I’m doing a little workshop and then each retailer has their very own room so I expect I will be twisting for a lot of the day. It will be nice to see people
for a catch up after such a long time.

I have a few Zoom workshops booked in over the coming weeks, this Wed 28th July is a free workshop on the Shield and Sword, it was a little tricky to advertise as Facebook would not allow the word Sword to be used so all the posts on promoting the event were declined, we eventually called it the Shield and long pointy thing and that was allowed, he he.
its for a maximum of 25 as we are doing it as a freebie and at the moment we have 16 people booked in which is nice. If anyone would like to join us or spread the word it would be appreciated. Other workshops booked in are,
28th July, Sword and Shield
3rd Aug, Baby Yoda
11th Aug, Basic Balloon Twisting Workshop
17th Aug, Teddy Bear Workshop
This is the link to book onto any of the sessions, Zoom Workshops.

That’s me for this week, we do have a selection of product back in stock, Balloon Art Wholesale.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week, be right back.
I went with one of the Thomas the Tank Engine designs. I will be posting a selection
from the build over the coming few days so please look back now and again, thanks.
Thomas And Friends.