25th April

I have been painting again this week, some DIY for my daughter, plus coming up with a very nice Motor Bike design………….even though I say so myself, he he.
The Bike can be viewed on balloon chat although its still a work in progress
and I’m making a few variations on a theme, Motor Bike.

We finally got some 11″ Blush and Chrome Gold back in stock, both have been unavailable for a few months now. We also have 5″ Wild Berry, White and Green also available and for the first time Pink 11″ hearts are in stock. www.balloonartwholesale.co.uk

I have been enjoying the Zoom-A-Balloon workshops that we have been doing, its not the same as balloon tuition in person but comes a good second best. Well I have been enjoying them so hopefully others have as well who signed up for them. We did the line work Princess this week and have two more booked in, the star lecture with Patrick van de Ven on 11th May who will
be teaching his fabulous Guinea Pig design as well as two other unique designs from his collection. Then on the 18th May I will be running the workshop for the brand new
Motor Bike design that I’m still tweaking. Any questions then please get in touch or to book, Zoom-A-Balloon Workshops.

That’s me for this week, off to find the random balloon picture of the week,
I went with the Snake design that I originally made I believe back in March 2020
The Snake is this month’s Model of the Month for April over on Balloon Chat with the
full step by step instructions for those who would like to follow along and make the design, Snake.