24th April

So this week just gone we went  down to Portsmouth for the balloon jam on Wed that Mr Rob Driscoll organised. A very nice day it was as well, a cup of tea at Rob’s before he drove us into town to the HMV shop so I could get a few DVD’s. HMV in Sutton closed down a while ago now, then it was onto pizza express where 12 of us had a meal before the jam. We had a 25% off voucher which made it nicer as well, the venue was nice and right next to the sea and harbour for the Isle of Wight ferry. I eventually got home at midnight, thanks to all. My car broke down the day before so I had to use my sons car which was rather low down to what I’m used to, it got me out of trouble but I was glad to get my car back Saturday morning. I’m posting pictures up form the event, still a few more to add but nearly there.

I have just added the third step by step instruction up from DVD 6 “Just Hats” This one is the bunny rabbit that foes along with the aeroplane and crocodile hat I posted a few months back. “Just Hats”

The next event we are attending is the Exeter Care & Share day that takes place on the 11th May. I have been having a tidy up of my two book cases and will have many magic books
and DVD’s to sell so will be taking those down with me as well. The day is only £20 to
attend and you receive 4 bags 260 assorted bags so making it a free day really.
To Book.

So the random balloon picture this week will be? Not sure myself so off to look,
be right back.
I thought it would be the lion that I made at the Portsmouth day but then I saw the wheels.
I love the wheels, to see the rest of the wheels and how they ended up like they did. Wheels.