23rd Sept

So this week, I’m getting ready to travel up to the Kidology magic convention that is on 24/26th Sept. This is the third of four conventions I’m attending over a 5 week period. So a little busy.

Yesterday I had a slightly different gig, it was an after party gig for  7th birthday party. All the children left at three and then it was the four family children and approx. fifteen adults for the after party. I was just making balloons while they had drinks and then a sit down meal. It was a little different as some did not speak English but having said that all seemed to go well. Everyone seemed to enjoy and they did ask for details as I left and I got a round of applause.

I made a couple of different crowns yesterday, one I liked so much it will probably be the model of the month for October. I will get pictures later and post onto balloon chat.

The first days pictures from the Mark Byrne workshop are all up, exactly 100 pictures for day one. I will start posting the pictures from day two once we get back from Kidology on Wed. Mark Byrne Pictures.

I also had a fun gig down Maidstone way on Thursday, one for the memory banks to remember. The variety of things we do makes for fun times. It was certainly a different day……….

We have the 11″ chrome rounds on special offer till the end of the month if
anyone wanted to grab a bargain. Chrome Rounds.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I wonder what it will be…………………be right back.
I went with Mickey and Goofy that I made for a party last weekend
that was held at the Dorchester, see I do go to some posh places 😉