22nd November

Here we are again then with another Blog post.
So this week we did another Facebook Live with a line work Santa, I call it line work but someone did complain on Facebook saying it was not. Its 3 balloons if you draw the belt and buckle on and I think its quick enough but we all have different opinions and different ways that we work. The other design was a Christmas Tree that was made from 5 balloons. My first Facebook live was seen by 2100 views in the first week, I was very pleased with this. Not sure if that was good, bad or indifferent though?
This weeks was seen by over 2000 in the first day so seemed pretty popular, someone that was watching live did share it to about 8 pages though so assuming that would have helped a lot. We do have a competition going to win a Balloon Modelling DVD, if you post on either thread of the Facebook live with one of the designs I made then we will put your name into the hat to win a DVD that was kindly supplied by Qualatex. If a UK winner is announced I will cover postage, if from elsewhere in the world I will ask you to help with shipping if that is OK?
Facebook Live One. Motor Bike and Peppa Pig.
Facebook Live Two. Santa and Christmas Tree.

Today I have been recording a little advert to put in front of the BalloonTube tutorials that we post onto YouTube, last month we had the Father Christmas wand as a paid tutorial. This month we have changed back to it being free but mention that id you would like to support us a little then I have a buy me a coffee page where people can?….yes you have guessed it, buy me a coffee to help out so we can carry on posting the BalloonTube tutorials and also to help keep Balloon Chat online as it does cost a 4 figure sum each year to keep it up and on the internet.
If anyone would like to help out and support us then this is the link. Buy me a coffee. I also plugged the website and mention if you are in the UK and need some balloon supplies then perhaps you could purchase from us. It might be that some do not realise that I do have an online shop so we have put a little minute advert that will go in front of all the future BalloonTube tutorials.
If anyone would like to purchase some balloon supplies then this is the link,
Balloon Art Wholesale.
And to support us and purchase a coffee, it would be very much appreciated XXxx,
Buy me a coffee.

I have been twisting as well,  made some Santa’s, then made a new design for me Bumblebee that I was pleased with and then we finished with trying to sort an easy train design for the real world. Like always I went off track a little (Did you see what I did there, insert a smiley face, he he) and ended up with making a slightly more complicated train, why use 3 balloons when you could use 7 or 8 😉 Bumble bee is on Balloon Chat here, Bumblebee.

That’s me for this week then, sorry its all about plugging the Forum, Website and BalloonTube.
Keep smiling, off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with Santa that I made last weekend.
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