21st April

A short blog this week, the London jam this week was cancelled last minute as a few were unable to attend. The next balloon day is in Sutton on 15th May, it’s just a balloon get together at Sutton Utd FC. Its a free day and all are welcome, if you could register on the website so I have a rough idea on numbers, Sutton Balloon Jam.

If you wanted to have a go at the latest model of the month, its a nerf gun with
all the step by step instructions posted up onto Balloon Chat. Nerf Gun.

The latest tutorial up on BalloonTube is the Whale, I have made some variations on this since we posted. On Balloon Chat we have posted the whale with a slightly more pointy face, I think it looks a little more whale like but I’m sure either way would work well. BalloonTube, Whale.

I have been busy all over Easter putting a new roof on the smaller shed where we keep some of our balloon stock, it has been leaking for a while so we ripped of the old roof and have started to replace it with new shingle roof and an extra underlay section. Hopefully this will solve the leakage problem.

Off to find a random balloon picture for the week.
We went with the Dolphin, there is a thread with variations
on Balloon Chat if you would like to take a look. Dolphin.