20th September

So this week I was challenged to make a Digger but only with four balloons. I’m not known for making quick line work designs but did have a go and actually made a four balloon Digger but only with the front scoop and not a rear bucket. I made the rear bucket as well with a six balloon design. The pictures of how the Digger evolved can be seen here, Digger Pictures.

I had a zoom meeting with my magic club this week as well and one of the members suggested I put my model of the month designs into a little kit package for people to purchase. This got me thinking and I do have boxes arriving and will look into having [possibly five designs in the kit with enough balloons to make the design perhaps 2 or 3 times. It might then give them the bug to come back and purchase more balloons and pumps etc. I think its worth a try so watch this space to see the launch

I was challenged to post a balloon model of the day for 10 days as well this week. I have posted five smaller designs that have meant something to me and written a little about each and why the were important to me. I also re made the designs which was interesting and very enjoyable as from that I have re made a nice dog design I last made over 10/12 years ago and a female character that I liked the construction off that was made possibly 5/6 years back at one of the London jam’s. So the next five designs will be slightly larger designs that I have a soft spot for, they are on my Facebook page if anyone would like to take a look, Graham Lee Facebook.

Off to see what the random balloon picture of the week will be.
I went with the female character from the London Jam, I will post the original onto Balloon Chat
so you can see the difference in the design from about six years ago. Female Character.
That’s me for this week, take care and have a fabulous week XXxx.