20th December

Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, in these very difficult and unusual times. Its difficult for many but find a friend to talk with, to Facebook live, to Skype, to Watts App, to zoom. Try to get together even if you pop around to see friends and family and sit on the drive and have a coffee or a tea for 20 mins. Go to see a couple of friends this way and hopefully it will bring a laughter or two and a smile to your face. Be positive……………..and yes I appreciate its very difficult and not that easy but please try XXxx.

So this week I was asked if I was up for a mini challenge over on Balloon Chat and obviously I was. The challenge was to make a wreath but the difference this time was not from someone else’s design which is how the challenge usually works. It was a fun challenge and I enjoyed working this one out, it was a little mathematical with the weave to get it sitting correctly. This
is the link to see all of the challenges we have done for 2020. We ended up with 11 challenges this year and its an interesting concept to try, I enjoy them. Balloon Chat Challenge.

I was hoping to film the car tutorial this week but that did not happen, the reason this did not happen was that my grandson Zakh was 14 this week and Carly asked me to make a balloon model of him skate boarding. So that was a fun project and I loved making it. I expect I will post a few pictures from that possibly next week sometime. I did go and get my haircut though this week. Its great making an appointment rather than taking a chance and sometimes waiting over an hour for your turn. I’m hoping once this is all over they keep the appointment system,
I think it works great.

All the pictures are now up from the big build that we did last week with David Crofts, he has sent me the pictures from the actual video shoot as well but we are not allowed to post them for a while, it was very different and unusual and a little quirky. Big Build Pictures.

Well that’s me for this week, please try and be positive, unless you are having the Covid test, (insert a little smile here xx) and please try to think of funny things to do and say, call a friend up, wear a disguise, try to smile and have a laugh and don’t forget to……………take care XXxx

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week, no need to look really as
I’m posting the wreath we made for the challenge this week.