1st May

So what have we been up to this week?
I had to pick a balloon sculpture for the May competition over on balloon chat. We post out a complimentary pack of balloons to make the design with all orders we send out in May with step by step instructions posted onto the forum. All those that make the design and post it onto the forum then go in to the hat to win a balloon modelling DVD. We have been running this for a few months now, possibly a year and normally get between 5/10 people entering. We do send out many more orders but only a few join in, we are going to continue this for a while as it gives me a challenge every month to come up with a new design or two. Step by step instructions for the design can be seen here. Tweety Pie.

I had a nice couple of shows this weekend, in London yesterday balloon modelling for two hours at a very nice restaurant. They had a children’s entertainer running the games and magic, a face painter and myself so we were definitely not rushed and were able to make some nice models. The entertainer I worked with I went over to say hello and they informed me we had worked together before, it did not ring any bells with me but it was at the premier for the film frozen when I made Sven and Olaf. Pictures are up and on the forum, Frozen premier.
I chatted with the face painter and we had two mutual friends, Susie Hillman and David Crofts, she was very complimentary about both and having worked with both I would agree, two lovely people.

Today I was at a very well to do hotel in Weybridge for a Holy Communion, it was a small affair with only 8 children and approx. 20 adults. I did a 45 minute magic show that on the whole went very well, I was pleased with it but there were a couple quiet spots in the show. I think mainly because not many of the children knew each other, similar to when entertaining at a wedding. I then did an hour of balloons after so with only 8 children
all got some more complex designs. So a very nice weekend entertaining.

The random balloon model design this week will be?
As usual not too sure myself so off to look to see what I have been making this week.

Before I forget all the pictures are up from the juggling convention I attended a few
weeks back. Juggling Convention.

And the pictures from the Portsmouth balloon jam can be viewed here as well.
Portsmouth Balloon Jam.

I was going to go with the lion but decided on the design below,
I made this at the juggling convention after hearing the news that a very
dear friend of mine had passed away.