19th March

So this week, what have we done? The February accounts.
I know how do I contain my excitement, to be honest I’m not sure myself.

We have sorted out the new storage boxes for the re-vamp of the warehouse, the warehouse, makes me smile as it’s really the shed. The boxes may well be here next week so we can start moving everything about next weekend, fingers crossed. I went and got the extra insulation to fit out around the new boxes plus bought some hardboard to line the window and door as we are putting insulation over them as well to keep the direct sunlight out from the warehouse. I expect we will need to add an extra fluorescent light fitting but it will help to control the balloons better and give them more shelf life longevity. If you have nothing better to do I have started a thread called warehouse re-vamp if you wanted to follow along. Warehouse Re-Vamp.

Off to see Colin Stewart on Wednesday for a balloon training day, it will be like a busman’s holiday but I’m sure it will be fun. Staying over Tuesday night at the local Travelodge, I don’t want to get stuck in the M25 motorway rush in the morning. Going to see a friend Tuesday afternoon and then off to see Martin Cox at the local magic club in the evening. Should be fun, Colin Stewart Info.

Then back to hopefully take delivery of over 350 storage boxes if they can ship them to us for Thursday. Been making some crocodiles and a few other animals, ten in all and all filmed for the next instalment of BalloonTube, last week we posted the Dolphin and it’s nearly up to 500 views in less than a week, that usually takes a couple of weeks to reach. Seem’s like the dolphin was a popular design as we have had some lovely comments about it. BalloonTube.

All the pictures from day one with Darren Mortiboy are now up on the forum, it will take another week or so to post those from day two with Twistina but we are getting there.
Care & Share Pictures.

Off to find the random balloon model of the week, be back in a minute.
I went with the crocodiles, there are more to view on a thread on Balloon Chat.
Crocodile pictures.