18th August

I went up to the London Jam on Tuesday, I think there was 7 of us there.
I have posted pictures onto Balloon Chat. London Jam.

Then I was working designs out for filming for Balloon Tube, I recorded six more designs yesterday, Peppa Pig, Wobbly Flower wristable, Pug, Buzz wristable, Mermaid and a Nerf Gun. Some wont be on BalloonTube for another year as I already have 5 or 6 more designs already filmed to post. If you wanted to look at the designs already posted I think there are 65, BalloonTube.

I have a Balloon workshop in a nursery on Friday for the staff as a bonding day so that should be fun and a laugh. On Thursday I’m working at Bluewater for a charity event. Not sure what the charity is….ooops!

It was Harry my grandson’s 16th Birthday today so we did a couple of numbers for his party last night, Numbers.

That’s me for this week, don’t forget David Crofts and I are doing our “Twistin Twins” world tour in Oct to Airdrie in Scotland on the 1st Oct and Birmingham on the 3rd Oct. Tickets are still available and are a bargain at only £20, Tickets.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with the Polar Bears that I made possibly a month ago,