17th May

I have started to post the first 20 of my BalloonTube tutorials onto Facebook, they are all one balloon designs. Today is the one balloon flower which is probably my favourite one balloon design. Facebook.

I logged on to claim my 80% self employed payment form the government this week. It was pretty easy to sort out and with sales plummeting will come in handy to help us through. Orders have started to come in a little but nothing like the sales we had before. So if you do need any product we would appreciate the custom very much, thanks XXxx
Balloon Art Wholesale.

I have not posted anything onto Balloon Chat for the past few days as we are having a few technical issues, we need to sort out more Ram memory. I did add 2GB last week but it needs way more than this but we are looking into moving to a new server host and they might be able to sort this out next week so just waiting to see the way forward. Due to the forum taking up all the ram it seems the wholesale website has become a little slow and the odd person is unable to connect. Fingers crossed once we move server host and double the ram on the new site this will sort out the slight problems we have been having.

I have made a few Princess’s this week, the dress for one design was a struggle, I could not get it looking to flow that I was happy with. Eventually after variation 9 or 10 we ended up with a design that I’m very pleased with. I will post them all ASAP once we get the new server up and working.

I’m going with the NHS design I made this week which was the Doctor. I liked the syringe, the coat and shirt were made in one piece which was new for me so that was rather pleasing.
And thanks to my artwork department for helping out as well :-)