16th Dec

All the pictures are now up on Balloon Chat from the Comedic workshop and the Q-jam that were held late Nov in Birmingham. Pictures.

We are still up do date on the Balloon Tube Challenge, we are posting a design a day for 56 days, Today the tutorial is for the Princess Crown and is day 46. I’m posting all the tutorials onto my facebook home page. Graham Lee Facebook.

I had a nice gig on Tuesday at Harvey Nichols for a Christmas party for Jimmy Choo. I did make a couple of shoes and a handbag. Jimmy Choo.

Its the run down to Christmas, we have had a few parties, a few balloon gigs and some balloon sales so been kept busy. Plus I’m still doing some DIY decorating after have a boiler moved at home so two spaces to get spic and span as they say 😉

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
Be right back. I went with the crocodile which
is day 35 on the Balloon Tube Challenge.