16th August

This week I took Harry to play Top Golf, he kept saying he was going to thrash me, I had no idea what the game was till we actually arrived. Let’s say he was a little quieter after we played, we both had a good laugh and enjoyed it though. I will definitely go again plus I got life time membership at the reduced rate which was a bonus. We also won an extra free game somehow while playing, we have no idea but it was a fun day out.

Balloon wise I helped Danielle with a job she had for making the Robin Reliant from the TV show “Only Fools and Horses” Danielle wanted to make the classic theme with the exploding blow up dolls. It was a fun day and we were both pleased with the final design even though we both forgot and missed off a couple of minor details to the design. I’m sure if we did not mention no one would notice……………..but after the design went out we both realised, Oooops.
I have started to post some pictures as we built the design over on Balloon Chat, I still have a few more to post and the final finished designs. Should all be up at the end of the week.
Robin Reliant.

We have a few more products in store on the website, some bubble
balloons and also the Chrome balloons in 7″ and 11″ in the Rose Gold.
Bubble Balloons. Chrome Rounds.
If anyone is looking for balloon supplies and products please have
a look and perhaps give us a try, it would be appreciated.

Off to look for a random balloon picture for the week.
I went with the Racoon which was one of the Balloon Chat Challenges we
made a few months back now. All the designs for 2020 are posted here,
Balloon Chat Challenge 2020.
If you would like to view all the challenges for 2019, then they can be found here,
Balloon Chat Challenge 2019.