14th November

So we decided to halt the new website going live…..again. The new date is set for Monday 22nd November. We are getting there as we did have 3 pages of adjustments/gremlins to sort out and are now down to just one page. But when we do go live there will be a few new gremlins that people will find that we have missed so we wanted to sort all the ones we have found so the site is more complete and the transition is a little smoother hopefully. We have also had three customers looking over the new site to see if its working OK and if they found any problems. Which they did so that was good and a few more problems ironed out. We even had a couple of good suggestions to add onto the website that we think will make it a little easier to navigate and to use.

I have another pretty large build come in for the end of November, I think we have enough product to build the design, fingers crossed. As usual I will add pictures as we go, I’ve allowed three days to build it so I don’t have to rush to much with getting the design finished. All the pictures will be up on Balloon Chat when we can.

We have added some special offers onto the old website if anyone would like to pick up a bargain or two. All the dis-continued colours on the 321’s, Hearts and Geo Blossom’s are on offer. We do in some cases only have the one bag and at most we have six bags of any one item. Once they are gone we are unable to get any more.
321 Special offers.
Hearts Special Offers.
Geo Blossom’s Special offers.

I’m still adding the pictures and videos that I have created this year for the Balloon Taskmaster challenge, all are being posted onto this thread over on Balloon Chat,
Balloon Taskmaster Challenge.

That’s me for this week, off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with my latest Santa design, this I think is version four, all the
others are over on Balloon Chat if you’d like to take a look, Santa.