14th July

Ooops! I keep forgetting to update the blog, I try to do this over the weekend but generally forget, could someone smack me over the knuckles to remind me? He he! So what have we been doing this week, getting on top of things and making sure the monthly accounts and VAT are up to date. Invoices sent out and generally making sure the business is running smooth’ish. I made up a new face design this week which has a figure of eight for the cheeks as a starting point, I have posted the pictures onto balloon chat, face pictures.

It has been good to search the forum again now that all the pictures are back, have to be honest here and say it is a shame not more people use the forum, it surely is getting to the point where this is the place for the most balloon info all in one place can be found. The times people post on facebook saying………………I saw a picture of xyz last week and now cant find it. Still I have pushed the forum so much, you can only lead a horse to water as my gran used to say, it’s up to them if the decide to drink it. The forum is staying so hopefully a few more will keep looking by and it will pick up again. Still getting good hits to view, just not too many posting.

I had to bail out of attending a balloon jam today as feeling a little unwell, will give me time to catch up on the last invoices and paypal requests to send out and I will try and make a few designs, I had my list of items I wanted to play around with so will try and do some here on my own, not the same as meeting up and getting other suggestions to idea’s. Still after walking up to the post office to send out today’s parcels I realised I was a little unsteady on my feet and it would be wise to stay at home. Have an event this weekend for adults, they employ a different type of entertainer for a family gathering every year. They have had a music recital, magician, caricature and this time they have booked myself to do some balloon art so looking forward to the event, should be fun.

Anyway off to post a random picture, perhaps the figure of eight face, please go and look at the link as I did step by step photo’s in case anyone wanted to try and make it, hope you do and I hope you enjoy the forum………….until next time xx

face 42