14th Feb

So this week, went to the spring fair at the NEC Birmingham. Just hall after hall with goods, unbelievable, the money that must cross over during the event, the mind boggles. I did try to book a hotel room but they had doubled the price so I went and stayed with Thelma and we spent the day looking around together. I managed to get a pass to the VIP area with free drinks, best not ask how that came about but we only had a cup of tea each. Spent yesterday getting all my paperwork and balloon complimentary packs ready for the Blackpool Magic Convention that starts this Friday coming. We are driving up Wed, setting up the stand on Thursday ready to open the dealer stand on Friday, we always enjoy the event but it will be a little different this year as I normally go up with two great friends Pearse and Mike, well Mike has a surprise birthday to go to and Pearse is in the last stages of his illness with cancer. They are both true friends who I have loved sharing my life with, the laughter, the fun and the memories will always be there to remember.
So this time it will be just Thelma and I working the stand, we have the coffee machine, wont go anywhere now without our lovely coffee machine and another friend, Adam might be bringing us up a lovely cake for the stand, see people are nice. Blackpool clashes with Twist and Shout Balloon Convention in America which I normally attend but unfortunately I’m unable to be in two places at once. It was a choice of Dallas or Blackpool…………..so Blackpool here I come.

All the pictures are now up and on the balloon forum if you would like to view from the Tony Twist lecture that I attended in Bristol on the 1st Feb. Pictures.

We have all the dates now up for the care and share balloon days for the first 6 months of the year, trying to be a little more organised and giving people more time to plan ahead. Dates booked so far are,

Two day Event, Birmingham. March 8/9th with Rob Driscoll and Simon Jong.
Care & Share day Exeter. May 11th. I will be running the workshops.
Basic Balloon Modelling Day, Sutton, Surrey. June 22nd with four 1 hour workshops.
Two Day Event, Birmingham. July 5/6th with Sabina Kellner  running both workshop days.
Please email me with any questions or to book onto any of the days. Booking Info.

Now for the random balloon modelling picture of the week.
This was inspired by the work of Sabina.