13th Sept

Here we are with another Blog, did I mention I went up to London the other week to feed the Parrot’s with Kat and Ian? A nice day feeding the Parrot’s for a while and then getting some lunch and a walk around the park, very enjoyable. There are a couple of pictures on my Facebook page if you’d like to have a look.

I ordered a few new backdrops this week, in Black, White and Silver, I was unsure about ordering Silver but at the moment its my favourite one. I went with a slightly wider width this time to help with those slightly larger designs or when I make multiple designs with a slight variation so that we can fit them all into the one picture.

Yesterday was spent trying out some new lighting for filming. I borrowed a ring light that usually sits around the camera, this was to see if I could use for some more of my BalloonTube tutorials but also for my new adventure that is coming soon for my Table Top Tutorials. I’m hoping to launch these pretty soon and they will be a paid tutorial. First time I have ventured into this, at the moment we have over 200 tutorials available via Balloon Chat and BalloonTube that have all been free to watch. Not sure what the reaction will be like as for me as with so many others all our gigs and shows have stopped and it does not look like there will be much entertaining available for quite a while to come.
So back to the lighting, I spent about four hours trying various options and having the lighting in different positions and struggled with them all as because I wear glasses I kept getting the light reflecting from them. So it looks like its back to the two flood lights on the floor and the old way. Still you have always got to look at trying to improve things. I’m also looking for someone to help me set up the new site/page etc so if you are a wizz on YouTube or have knowledge on how best to set up my paid tutorials for people to view then I would be interested to know , happy to pay as well for the help. This is my YouTube channel at the moment if you’d like to take a look, BalloonTube.

We had another big order turn up from Qualatex this week so have more product back in stock, if anyone does need any supplies then we are happy to help. If you don’t need anything at the moment it would help us out if you could just give us a mention or a share of our business page that would be a great help as like many others we have not been able to work for over 6 months now with the entertaining. Even a little review on the website helps with our google ranking if you have a couple of minutes. Thanks for reading and have a lovely week, Balloon Art Wholesale.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the day.
I went with the family of Foxes that will be one of my new adventure tutorials coming soon.
fox facebook