12th Oct

We are getting ready for the next two day star lecture balloon care & share day that will be taking place in Sutton, Surrey on Tuesday 21st and Wed 22nd Oct with Brenda and Petra from Holland. Affectionately known as “The Macaroni Girls” You will need to turn up to find out why they have this name but I have known them for a very long time, I think 14 years now and they are both excellent twisters and I’m sure all that attend will be in for a treat. We had a very nice time in Bournemouth at the magic convention, made a few contacts and always hoping to find a few extra customers for the balloon sales. There are pictures on the forum from the convention and also I have nearly posted all the pictures from the Manchester care & share day that was held on the 30 sept, pictures from Manchester are here,  http://balloonchat.co.uk/manchester-care-share-day-30th-sept-t8861.html
Although we are only have way through putting them all on line and from the magic convention where Thelma made Sooty and Sweep the pictures are here, http://balloonchat.co.uk/ibm-bournemouth-sept-2014-t9200.html

Eurojam balloon convention is fast approaching and take place early November, looks like I will not be attending this year but I did attend the last two events and had a really lovely time. More details, http://balloon-jam-hamburg.com/Event_Englisch1.html

Off to find a random balloon picture to add, the hedgehog from the magic convention seemed very popular so I think I will add that one for all to view.