12th July

Its Sunday so it’s blog day, I have been doing a little DIY in the garden this weekend and two of the grand children came over to help so that was nice.

Its been a stressful week this week as on Tuesday we had all my websites moved onto a new server. For some people who had BT or EE as a service provider could not view the site for some reason. There was a couple of minor gremlins which had to be sorted but it seems like all are working OK at the moment. The next thing to do is to update the security on Balloon Chat and the Sempertex website and to then update them as they are being run on word press that is a little out of date. After this we will freshen up the sites a little and possibly go over to shipping orders being done via weight rather than product cost. This would allow us to have a smaller shipping charge to help people out when they just need one or two bags of product. We have started to stock some bubble balloons, foils and foil numbers and also some clik clik bonding tape in rolls and by the metre to try and help as well. Balloon Art Wholesale.

We do have a few special offers over on the 5” printed round and 6″ heart balloons.
Special Offers.

Been twisting away again a little this week, all the latest pictures are up and on Balloon Chat. Pictures.

We had a comment posted onto my BalloonTube channel last week saying that I had ripped
off a Buster design for the Buzz wristable. The comment did upset me as I would never intentionally do something like that. I spent over 30 minutes googling and trying to find the design to no avail, I did PM Buster to double check and over a decade ago he did make A Buzz for the wrist that he published on one of his DVD’s. I Finally got to see a picture of the design and I feel it is different enough but obviously it is Buzz. Buster was very kind to post a thread onto Facebook about the design and the comment and also replied to the comment on my YouTube channel. Buster that was very nice of you…………Thanks,
it was very much appreciated XXxx BalloonTube.

The latest one balloon design being posted onto Facebook from my BalloonTube channel
is the one balloon Parrot. Parrot.

That’s me for this week, off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with the new Teddy design that I came up with a little while back.
There are a few more pictures on Balloon Chat form this design. Teddy.