11th July

So its time to start thinking about running another Care & Share balloon day and also “The Balloon Artistes Guild” two day star lecture days. Fingers crossed we are looking for possibly late September for a care and share day where I will run a couple of sessions and we will have a few others all contributing a design or two. The the star lecture days that were postponed from April 2020 with Tope and Rob Driscoll we will try to have mid November if everything goes well and people are comfortable coming out and attending days with others. Will be nice to see everyone again. Then the plan for next year at the moment is to run five care & share days all over the UK, well when I say all over………………in five places, he he. So watch this space, I do have so many new designs to share with people as I have been pretty constant over the lockdown with coming up with new models and variations on a theme.

I do have a couple of Zoom workshops coming up, this week on the 13th July we have the Racing Car and then the following week on the 20th July it’s the Ultimate Rose, I promise not
to make another Rose for a while. The 50 or so I made can be seen here on this thread if you’d like to take a look, there are over two pages so don’t forget to click over to the second page, Balloon Chat Rose.
To book onto a workshop or two then here are the details, it’s just 10 people per workshop
to keep it small and manageable, Workshop Booking.

The random balloon picture of the week, now let me think what might it be?
I’m not sure to be honest so just off to take a look at what we have been making this week.
I went with Baby Yoda, it’s a design I have not made before.
There are some variations over on Balloon Chat if you would like to take a look, Baby Yoda.
The face is a variation on the Yoda model of the month that I posted back in September 2018, Yoda Tutorial.